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I started my cycle frontloading test cyp. No issues at all. Then added tren in the third week. Left nip sensitive, growing lump. Cutting the tren. Ordering letro. Currently running 50mg proviron. Had this issue with tren once before and stopping the tren, it went away. Question is this. Will the letro take care of the issue while still on the cyp?

As I said, had no issues at all till the tren and its growing. Over 3 days its the size of an almone and didnt start under the nip but off to the left side. I just wanna stop/reverse it and continue my cycle. Any advice would be GREATLY APPRECIATED.

How much cyp your running?

Using any AI at all?

Ran 500 test a week for 2 weeks. Dropping to 250 just to check my tolerance. Ran 300mg tren and then this happened. Nothing else taken other than what is listed. Did this once before without the tren and didn’t have an issue. Gained 12lbs before, in last three weeks, gained 24lbs. Only reason I’m stating this is because I’ve had asshats say that 250mg of test was useless.

What would you suggest? I wanna keep the weight which is not water because I have no bloat at all but I definitely want to take care of this issue. Will Letro handle it and what, if anything should I run in the PCT or even before PCT to prevent this from happening again?

I don’t think it would be from the tren that quickly, you might be gyno prone. You could get bloodwork and check your e2 but I would run an AI.