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I’m debating doing an eight week cycle, but I am TERRIFIED of gyno (no signs that I’m predisposed to it, just I really don’t want to start wearing the girlfriend’s bra). I would be curious to hear what people think of using clomid only to prevent gyno. Further, since inhibition is a given, would it be better to omit clomid (until the end) and do nolvadex during the cycle? Lastly, if I were paranoid enough (and I am), would arimidex (as opposed to Nolvadex or clomid) greatly reduce the risk of gyno (i.e. would it be worth the rather large expense)?

P.S. I know that subjects similar to this have been debated, so please don't tell me to search the archives. I would just like to hear personal experiences with the different anti-e's and gyno. Thanks.

hi bro… just a few things… i don’t know what your planning to stack in your cycle, but i’d just like to point out the different uses for clomid and nolvadex. clomid will do nothing for gyno. it is used to kick start your nuts & to get your natural test levels up. i would suggest you take 50mg of clomid e.o.d. throughout your 8 wk. cycle & then 50mgs/day for 4 weeks post cycle. if you can’t afford that, another alternative would ne to load up with 300mg the first day after your last shot, and then to take 50mg/day for 4 weeks post. clomid post cycle is absolutely necessary to get your natural t levels back up and to help you keep your gains from your cycle. now for the the nolvadex… if you start to show signs of gyno (sensitive & swollen nipples)… you should start with a loading dose of 40mg/day… i think it’s half life is like 5 - 7 days, so keep at that dose until you see some reversal (less pain or swelling) once that happens, start to back down 10mgs every 3 days, and keep backing down until you notice a reversal in the other direction (symptoms coming back) usually they won’t because you will be done with your cycle by then. as a rule of thumb, it’s a good idea to have nolvadex on hand, just in case. but don’t use it unless you need it, because it could hinder the effects of your gear by competing for receptors.
hope that helps. take care bro.

Odd, Amerikan, as I’ve always heard that clomid worked as a very mild anti-e when using it during cycle. Perhaps Bill Roberts can shed some more light on this?

Arimidex is always supposed to be the best choice for a continual usage anti-estrogen while cycling, but ask yourself this - is it REALLY worth the $200 minimum you’re going to spend on the batch of tabs for simply worrying that you MIGHT get gyno, or would it be better for you to just stock up with 20-50 tabs of Nolvadex and hold on to them in case you need them? Since you never listed what you’re using and what dosages, we can’t give too much advice. Everyone responds differently; most people can go fairly high without any signs of gyno (I’ve done 1500mg/wee of a few combined items in the past without the slightest sign) and there are the rare ones who will get itchy nipples after a mere 250-300mg of test/week. You won’t know how prone you are until you do your cycle. If you’re going to hit it hard and heavy for your first time (1000mg or more per week) then perhaps the arimidex wouldn’t be so bad. But, if you’re going to do something like 300mg test with 200mg deca/week, I wouldn’t sweat it much and would just get the nolvadex and hold tight if you need it, as in all odds, you won’t.

Trust me, a lot of the gyno scare is a ton of hype. Everyone has heard the age-old “I knew this guy who grew big tits from doing only 200mg of test per week!” Don’t fall for it, but if you’re going to do a cycle, always be prepared for the worst and keep the necessities on hand. But, remember, don’t use the nolvadex unless you feel a need to! It has been said to slightly inhibit gains on cycle if used daily as some estrogen is necessary for ideal muscle growth. Even I thought for a day that I had the start of gyno once, my nipple itched a tiny bit, and I kept cool and decided to wait a day to see what happened - turns out it wasn’t gyno, just a mild feeling of irritation likely from sweating while working out. So, hope this helped a bit. Later! Flax

Sorry, I realized once I posted that I didn’t offer much in the way of elaboration on my cycle. It would be 500mg cyp./week, 200mg/deca and a few d-bols (3 or 4) each day. Also, this is my first cycle and I’m 5’10", 180 @12% b.f. Thanks for your suggestions/advice!

Also, I too would be interested to hear what Bill Roberts has to say about clomid as an anti-e (I remember him saying it's ok, but I believe I read conflicting statements in his old mesomorphosis column?!).

I’m thinking of doing a similar cycle and would like to hear the opinions of the experts (strasser & roberts) on anti-e’s at that dosage(except slightly higher on the deca with no d-bol). I’ve done a 2 week cycle with no problems, but obviously that is an entirely different scenario.