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I had a problem with gyno a last year. i went through my insurance company to have them removed. but my concern is that it may re-occure. i read on another post that if you have it done through your ins. co. they may not remove the gland and threrefore it may come back. I further read that if the gland is not removed there will be a little button sized clump of tissue under the nipple to keep it from going flat. Well there is no tissue left. My niple is completely flat and almost concave. what are my chances of it comming back?


Hey, Taz. How lean were you at the time of surgery? Unfortunately, I don’t have an answer to your question but I am in a similar situation but want to keep leaning out before considering the knife.

Couple questions, as Im in the same boat, prob gonna have fat/lumps removed next winter. Unfortunately insurance wont cover it, so itll be around 3500 if i remember correctly.
Did you just have lypo or a knob removed? Whats the scar like? How long were you in the chest band thing? How long couldnt you train for? Thanks, and fro what Ive read assuming you dont use anabolics or get fat you should be relativly safe from its return, however you may want to consider estragen blocker usage, and as men get older many tend to develop gyno, so stay in shape. Ed