Gyno... wtf?

I’m pretty sure I have teenage gyno even though the $hit is still here and I’m 21.

It definitely first appeared in my early teens.

I’m wondering what the actual medical term for gyno is because when I do a search for “teenage gyno” i get porn links advertising young girls about to go in for the first gyno exam… Not exactly what I’m looking for.


Muchos Gracias SceinceGuy

My training partner had that when he was 15 on his right side. He had it removed surgically

Hormonal flux is the leading cause for teen bitch tits. You dont need to go to the extreme of surgery unless its mind bogglingly ugly. Increase flax in your diet and take some thing like M or OXO. If your estrogen(cause of gyno) levels remain elevated you might need to get that surgery.

bitch tits.

mdog has gyno on his back!

How does one actually recognise gyno??

if you take your shirt off and a teenager yells look at that bitchs tits, you know you have bitch tits.

You nipples develop these lumps or sac which are clearly noticable both visibly and by contact.