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Gyno Without Lump?

Hello all,

I’ve done 2 cycles (Test E only, Sust + Winny) yet. Both with very good results. A few months after the second one I got sick (streptococcus angina) repeatedly and couldn’t exercise properly for 3-4 months. I’ve lost some mass and gained some fat. My current BF is about 17%.

I’ve never spotted it but as I’m now trying to get leaner and reduce BF, I noticed some soft tissue around my nipples. But it can bee seen only time to time, not permanently. Sometimes the pecs have full shape with absolutely no difference in nipple area. Is it possible to develop gyno consisting of a soft tissue without any lump? Or can it be normal BF that is just distributed in the pec that way that it looks like gyno?

Thank you

I think that it is perfectly normal to develop some fluid/fat collection under the nipple.
It should go away once your estrogen goes back down.

I personally seem to be EXTREMELY gyno resistant, and never need to use a SERM or AI or anything on cycle.
Even if I get some itching or soreness and puffiness it goes away immediately when I come off, and I don’t really give a fuck as long as there is no hard lump.

i just had to start some nolva myself. I don’t have any lumps, but i was developing some SERIOUS tenderness,very painful any time I bumped into something. I never really used an ai or serms (very often), until now, with 500 of test, 500 of tren per week, along with now 100 mg of anadrol. Ive been on nolva 20 mg for a few days now and its really improved. Still a little sensitive, but almost negligible. I should have used it over the winter with test and deca, i was so bloated by the end of that cycle it was comical.

Thanks guys… but I’ve been off for a year now. I didn’t use any AI during my 2 cycles (1- 10 weeker Test E 500/wk only, 2- Sust 500/wk Stanazolol stopped due to streptococcus angina). I was pretty bloated during the Enanthate cycle but BP was OK and had absolutely no gyno signs.

I guess my problem could be higher BF level, that’s all. But… Is it still possible to develop gyno consisting only of soft tissue without any lump? Just to know… I definitely don’t wanna grow bitch tits just because lack of knowledge :smiley: