Gyno with Low E2


So been on test prop 125 mg eod. My. E2 has been in check the whole cycle… If not too low as had upped my ai a lot when I felt a gyno flare up. Got bloods and e2 came back on the very low end of the normal range. Started taking tamoxifen and reduced ai slightly that only helped when I upped it. To 40mg a day. I’m now using 12.5 aromasin eod and 60 Raloxifene Ed, however it basically seems to be just about holding my gyno at bay or it’s growing very very slowly I cannot tell. I don’t understand what is causing my gyno as my e2 has defo been low the whole cycle so don’t see how my prolactin etc could have raised in a environment of low e2… Need help guys? I also noticed my libido isn’t great and I’m finding it hard to ejaculate which again can be high prolactin sides… I’m not lactating. I have caber on the way just incase but seems odd from such a simple test p only cycle


I can’t speak to the gyno, so I’ll leave that for others. The low libido/ejaculation thing, however, is most likely due to your low E2. Men need some E2 for normal sexual functioning, believe it or not. You have probably dropped yours too low as you have attempted to fix your gyno.

I hear what you are saying mate yeah… However haven’t taken a ai in about a week now and I can tell my estro is in a good range as general sense of well being and I can just tell anyway as no other sides yet libido still isn’t right… Confusing stuff