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Gyno with Crashed E2?

Hi all,

Been on TRT for 3 weeks and immediately got a flare up of Gyno. Assuming it was pre existing to some extent, but honestly it’s grown alot in such a small space of time. I have numerous lumps/nodules, nipples are swollen and real tender.

My protocol is 50mg x2 Test, 250iu HCG every 3.5 days.

I hopped on Arimidex, assuming High E2, though I got latest bloods back showing I’d absolutely tanked my E2 levels (<18pmol/l), T levels were in range (800ng/dl). Problem is my nipples are still ridiculously sensitive and swollen. How is this possible with crashed E2? Could it be HCG?

I’m worried as I’m not at all on an aggressive protocol, but to have nipple issues onset this fast and early on is worrying.

Appreciate any input.

That’s not an aggressive protocol, that’s a typical starting protocol.

He is admitting that he knows its NOT an aggressive protocol. I think Prolactin can cause issues with gyno also, that might be something you need to check. How much arimidex were you taking?

Cheers for the reply.

Started with 0.25mg Adex every 3.5d but upped it to 0.5mg when the nipple issue didn’t resolve itself. Have ceased it now and jumped on Raloxifene which I think seems to be helping.

Yeah I’ve heard that about prolactin, though I hear conflicting things and that it does still require Estrogen for it to form, but not too sure.

I’m also cutting out HCG for now just to see if it’s that through some mechanism other than aromatisation. Though not keen on making this permanent as I’m only 24 and want to try to preserve fertility.

That might be a good idea to get rid of variables. I know that with HCG ,you produce estrogen in your testicles, and the arimidex cant touch it. And im assuming you know how raloxifene works, but it wont stop estrogen production, only stop the gyno from receiving any more estrogen. I have heard stories of people having real issues with HCG.

Yeah aware of both of your points, thanks.

Wonder if it’s possible for HCG to stimulate growth without Estrogen. It’s a shame as I’m contemplating stopping TRT despite already seeing benefits. Can’t deal with having Gyno, but also can’t continue TRT if my fertility’s even more at stake through not using HCG.

Nolvadex. Also I would get some swimmers frozen, that way if you have no success, you have a back up.