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Gyno While on Cycle

Hi guys, i have been on cycle (test prop,deca,equi) from last two months but now suddenly i have started feeling like i am having gyno or its just starting of gyno. What should i do i never heard that gyno can be occured in between steroid cycle even when i am taking test prop also. What should i do? Will this gyno go now?

Its not very big lump its just small tissue started hanging out little bit. Its not visible in tshirts or shirts even not when i am standing while without cloths but when i sit that part can be seen hanging little bit. Is it cure able? Should i start NOLVADEX or CLOMID in between cycle? Why this happend? Now also i am feeling ichiness or very minor pain near my nipples.

Can anyone suggest me what is happening with me??? Please help i dont want this gyno permanently!!! Its very disgusting!! I read ,everywhere its written that “No cure for gyno instead of surgery” please help. I will wait for your answers. Thanks a lot in advance for helping me.

Start taking Nolva. It happened because you’re taking testosterone and nandrolone, both of which aromatize.

Thanks buddy!! Will this tissue which already came littlebit out go away or is now permanent

Hard to say. Ralox is known to help tremendously with gyno that’s already started, but as far as I can tell the answer is either “that’s permanent” or “it goes away”. Lot of stories from guys with a wide range of outcomes.

Thanks buddy i will that from now in between cycle thanks.

Letro usually reverses any lumps I have.