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Gyno - What's the Deal?



My background with gyno. In my early teens I was producing so much natural test that my back, face and chest was covered with acne. I gained kilos of muscle instantly without working out due to my massive natural production. I also got covered in hair like a fucking yeti. My father is the same.

Now it looks like whenever I gain fat it always goes into my belly and chest (man-boobs) and very slowly into the legs and lastly arms. When loosing fat it looks like the fat in the chest never seems to go away. It takes fucking ages!

Before going on a beginners cycle of test-e I should define myself as much as possible and see if the moobs are still there and if so take care of them. Or can I start a new cycle and add letro?

I have letro. adex, nolva and clomid. Yeah I'm over-prepared :slightly_smiling:

I have read so many posts on doing this or that that my head hurts.

One way of doing it seems

Off-cycle practices:

1) Nolva for 4-6 weeks at 20 mg.
2) Letro EOD some mcg 4-6 weeks.

On cycle:

1) adex to prevent gyno
2) nolva to prevent gyno
3) letro in bigger doses to remove gyno (as off-cycle it's hard on your mood or something)

Haven't heard of how to use clomid for gyno.

As I'm now off-cycle what is my best bet? Nolva or Letro?

Should I wait until on-cycle with a bigger dose of Letro?

Help me keep it simple!

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What's your priority, gains or fighting gyno? Because Letrozole will impact your gains.


My priority is looking strong and pretty :slight_smile:

So therefore fighting gyno I guess.

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Hi ToneBone,

Fellow tbol'er, I hope the Letro works out as it is one tough compound which is why I'm wondering if it's not best to use while on-cycle. Kind of like a anti-gyno cycle with medium gains. If the gyno goes away the cycle succeeded. Gains are secondary for the period of using the letro.

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Going on cycle to get rid of gyno, doesn't this seem a little backwards to anyone else??


Letrozole will it really negatively impact your gains? I know it keeps bloating down but never knew it negatively impacts gains, can you elaborate how or how much please.



Your wanting to do gear is not consistent with your concern about gyno.

First, try anastrozole by it self and see where that goes. This will let your natural T work a lot better. You might be surprised. You do not need much when not on gear. Take 1mg/day for two days (front loading), then on the second day after that, take 1/4 every third day. You can expect to feel the start of things in 7-10 days. Libido can respond quickly and if that is right, your E2 levels are good. Other changes to brain and thought patterns can take 2-3 months to complete. Tissue changes also take time. Most guys on TRT do well on 1mg/wk. You might want to work down in that direction... dose also depends on body weight.

Lowering E2 should lead to less SHBG, which will increase TF. And the reduced E2 will allow the HPTA to produce more LT --> more T. And less T will be lost to T-->E conversion. Your increased FT will have less interference from E at the T receptors.

With age, aromatization increases and SHBG increases. E increases and that down regs the HPTA, reducing LH and T production. Less TT, less TF and more E opposing the action of what FT is left. Some powerful synergies that cut both ways. Reduced your E2 and there are many positive synergistic things that will happen.

If you do gear, with your history, start the anastrozole right away.

Avoid letro, it can push your E really low and that can create problems and kill libido. The dose-response is not predictable... doing E2 lab work?

Anastrozole is self limiting in effect and is well understood. A very few are extremely sensitive to it and need to take about 8 times less. If your libido crashes, you know that you are perhaps overly sensitive to it. Otherwise, research on young normal males found that 1mg or 2mg/day did the same thing with E2=17. All that did was demo the self limiting action and did not establish what an effective dose is, only demonstrating that both doses were excessive and on the far side of a dose-response that had plateaued.


Hey KSman,

You mean go with adex off-cycle?

I have no problem with libido. Through the roof :slight_smile: Just I have some moobs to take care of.

So ok goals:

Loose 15 pounds.
Run adex if necessary.
Still anything left? -> Plan B :slight_smile:

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