Gyno, What the Hell???

Hello fellow T-magers, a question to the experienced lot of you out there with more years to your credit. I have discovered lately that what appeared to be a great deal of fat on my chest(even though i’m about 8% bodyfat) was actually breasty tissue. I’m 17 and everything i’ve read says this condition is common in pubescent males but i’ve been 17 for like 4 months, Help have any fellow t-magers ha something like this happen to them and how was it resolved? I just wanted to clarify I have never taken steroids or androgens or anything to dramatically affect my estrogen levels

Do not confuse fat boobs (or in your case, if you really are 8%, unlucky fat distribution) with gyno. They are not the same thing. Remember that when getting gyno, it hurts badly. Fat tits does not equal the medical condition known as gyno. And yes, puberty can lead to gyno without steroids or anything else. Sucks, but it happens to some.

It’s happened to me. I started developing small tits when I was 13, and as I grew, so did the tits. I got some pretty fucked up genetics. I have yet to get surgery done to get that taken care of, but time and money is still an issue. But yeah, it can happen during puberty, without steroids.

TEK, no they do not have to hurt. Maybe yours or a friend of yours did, but not mine. Got 'em when I was 13 and still have them now(15). Never any pain. I have low bf%, trust me, its gyno.

reesdawg, you still have them right? How old are you? I wonder cuz I know they’re s’posed to go away late high school.

And to the author of this post( your name isn’t listed enless I push the back button and I’m not gonna), I think the only thing you can do is wait. You’ve probly had them since you were like 13 and just didn’t know it cuz(I assume) you were on the fat side. There are estrogen-blockers for steroids users, but in our case theres nothing to block, the damage is already done. No ex-post-facto here from what I have seen. At only 17 they’re most likely going to go away real soon, but if they stay with you a few years more certainly surgury would be in order. The most recent “Men’s Fitness” magazine has an article on gyno that you might find interresting, though not much info is given for guys who get it naturally. A pain isn’t it? Especially when you work your butt off for good muscles then don’t dare take off your shirt. In my case, I can pinch mine and they’ll stay almost normal size for a minute or 2, and sometimes cold water will do it too; does the same thing work for you? I’m trying to find all the info possible on this too.

yeah i too got gyno when i was about 13. im 20 now, and i have pretty good pec development and dont store fat in the chest area, but still have a little bit of gyno. it doesnt look as bad now due to my chest, but im considering surgery as well. dont worry bro there are plenty of unlucky ones who get gyno, just gotta deal.

I just wanted to add to what has already been said. Gyno does not have to hurt and in most guys who get it during puberty, it doesn’t cause discomfort at all past the effect it may have on your self esteem. I had the same problem and I remember hating gym class in junior high and high school because I didn’t like taking my shirt off, and no, I was skinny as hell so it wasn’t because I was obese. The only option is surgery and unless you can show a true discomfort, I don’t believe most insurance agencies will cover it. I have never used steroids either but I did have the surgery even though I still gain fat in that area and it is one of the last places to lean up when dieting. On the converse, I don’t seem to have much trouble building muscle so maybe there is a positive side to this.

Sorry if that came off harsh, guys, but I see so many fat guys complaining about “gyno” that it makes me want to scream. Men store fat in the breast area just like women, but that fat isn’t “gyno”. That’s all I meant. And while I’ve never had gyno, I do remember itchy, painful nipples during puberty. Luckily, it wasn’t enough to lead to the big “G”.

BTW, T-mag did a big article on gyno a while back, couple of years ago, might me good to check out if you haven’t yet. I think it was called “Oh no, it’s gyno” or maybe that was the subtitle.

I developed gyno during puberty. While it ‘grew’ it was painful but not afterwards. When I turned 23 years old I have it surgically removed. Unfortunately it left some nasty scars and the nipple still doesnt look ‘right’ but thats life.