Gyno Treatment...

What kind of Doctor do you recommend to see for treatment of possible Gyno? Latley my chest has been sensitive although I do not feel any tumors. I am near the end of a 8 week cycle of Test and started taking 1 clomid per day. Any recomendations on steps I should take and Specific Doctors I can see? Also will they be able to perscribe me Novadex or Arimadex?

You can go to any General Surgeon to diagnose your problem. If it comes up Gyno and not Cancer, I’d personally go to a cosmetic surgeon. And no they won’t prescribe you Novadex or Arimadex, it’s too late, they won’t do anything for you. You should have bought them before your cycle if that’s what caused your gyno. Let’s all say it together: NEVER do a cycle without your Anti Estrogens!@!!

Ok then, I see most people agree that you should always have Nolvadex/Arimidex on hand just in case you feel the onset of gyno, but Vince if what you say is true then those drugs won’t make it disappear once it’s started. I think what I’m trying to say is how do you know when to start taking the Nolv/Arimidex, or is it advisable to take them all the way through?

That is exactly what I’m saying!! No anti estrogen will get rid of gyno once it’s started. If you are beginning to see it, stop all anabolics at once. Although you shouldn’t begin to see if if you’re taking your clomid or nolva Remember fellow roiders, this isn’t the '60s anymore. Using steroids doesn’t mean you have to get breasts and hair loss too. I use Clomid throughout my entire cycle, starting on day 1 and usually 3 or so weeks after my last injection or oral. Also remember HCG to prevent your nuts from turning into the size of dimes. Unless you don’t care about the size of your nuts, then you can save $40. :slight_smile: