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Gyno Treatment

I have used steriods before and have never had any adverse side effects, except for a small lump in the nipple area. Most of the time this lump would be on one side, but sometimes it would be on both sides…although it go away after about a month or so.
After this last cycle it stayed…both sides. It has been about four months now.
I was given some Novarel (I haven’t taken it yet) and was told that it would eliminate this problem. I have read and been told however, that Novarel will not help this condition.

Fortunately, there’s no visible issue…I can only feel it there, but want it gone.

Can ANYONE recommend something I should take to eliminate this? Thanks in advance!


You’ve probably waited too long to treat gyno with further chemicals. I’ve had gyno since I was 10, and doctors have tried at different times to treat it with Nolvadex. It hasn’t worked. I’d take the nolva you have, see what happens, then see about removal.

they wont be able to remove anything that small, the scar tissue left will be bigger than your lump. I’ve consulted with a surgeon about it myself. Research letrozole. I’ve read where people have used it successfully after the fact but never tried it.

Letrozole may well SHRINK the lump, but only for as long as you take it-and having smashed up E2 levels for long periods of time is a far from optimal situation.

Surgery is the only way to remove this lump I’m afraid…