Gyno Treatment Drugs/Options?

So let me get this straight.

  1. Is gyno treated only with nolvadex?
  2. And aromasin, arimidex is used only for high estrogen?
  3. Whats the dose of nolvadex for gyno?
  4. What other drugs options are there for gyno?
  5. Thanks

Mmmhhh I think andractim could be used for gyno too but is hardly used



10-30mg per day

testosterone replacement, clomiphene, Danazol

ok but which one do you think is the best in your opinion and has the least side effects??

That decision would depend on the individual and require a history, past history, previous and current medications and a physical examination.

Also raloxifene.

Unless something has changed, Evista (raloxifene) is not approved for use in men.

If you have experience with it, or know anyone prescribing it or taking raloxifene for this purpose, I would still be interesting in hearing about it.

Good to know - I was unaware. Ralox is popular in the AAS community for gyno treatment with some claiming it to be superior to tamoxifen.

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Nolvadex & Raloxifene are both shown in studies to reduce pre-existing gyno (especially if caught within first 12 months) and are a good method for prevention if someone is susceptible. Gyno surgery (if needed) works wonders. I had it and it was worth every penny (wasn’t TRT or steroid related gyno).

I know someone that used it to reduce a very small case of gyno. It worked.

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I just started doctor prescribed raloxifene a week ago for some mild gyno. I’ve had it for years but it’s gotten slightly worse since I’ve been on TRT. Not estrogen related, my last bloods were 2046 TT, 40 FT, and 38 E2. I’m relatively lean and apparently a low aromatizer so unfortunately I’m just genetically prone to it.

Doc started me on a low dose and wants to give it 2 months before upping the dose if no response. I figure it’s worth a try as I don’t want it to get any worse and it’s not quite bad enough to warrant surgery.

Keep us posted, please. I’m interested in the outcome.