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Gyno Symptoms


I wrote some information requests about stacking test ethanate and deca, and recieved some really good info. I am now at the end of my first week of this cycle, and haven't noticed much, but expect it to kick in soon. I have Nolva for pct.

The question that I'm wondering about is how I should know if my Nolva needs to be started during my cycle. What are the symptoms of side effects especially gyno? I have heard about nipples getting itchy, but that is about it. I have done cycles of dbol and tren before with no pct (risky I know), but everything worked out ok. My cycle plan is this:

Deca 600mg injected twice a week at 300mg each shot for 10 weeks

Test ethanate 250mg a week injected once a week for 10 weeks

Nolva 30mg once a day for week 12
once every other day for week 13 (week 11 off), then more if needed

I am also taking creatine, NO2, and protein to maximize my cycle. (With B vitamins and milk thistle for my liver.)

Please let me know if anything looks very wrong with this, or if anyone can tell me symptoms to look for to start my nolva early. My stats are 5'9", 190 lbs, about 14% body fat. I've never had any problems with steroid side effects or gyno, but I do not have a whole lot of experience with them (just the tren and dbol) Any info is greatly appreciated. Thanks.


IF your nips become sore or itchy, even a little bit, start the nolva at 20mg/ED until it subsides. Do you not have any clomid for PCT? Tamoxifen(nolvadex) will not get the nuts back up and running like Clomiphene(clomid)



Are you the same chap that smokes weed before a workout?

Man, I don't blame your nipples getting all swollen from the combination of both pot and steroids.

But hey, its your life.


cj, you will need to go with a rather aggressive pct for this cycle d/t the deca. Your timing for pct is incorrect btw. Deca has a half-life of at least 10 days and some sources have it as high as 14-16, which means you should wait at least 3 weeks after your last shot of deca and 4 would be best.
Any onset of gyno will most likely be d/t the deca as 250mg test is not much. To counter this I'd supp with 400mg b-6 and 400mg vitex/d. Good signs of gyno are puffiness around the nipple, itchiness, and sometimes the formation of a small lump about the size of a pea beneath the nipple.Good luck with your cycle.



Mike thanks for the info. I'm am taking b-6, and I'll be sure to wait a few weeks on the Nolva, after my last shot. I've heard that test and deca go good together because the test counters the decas sides. Any info on this.

And ya Chirag I am the same guy who smokes, but I've never had any sore nipples, (probably why I asked what symptoms to look for before I use my Nolva, ya think). And I know other juicers who smoke while on cycles and they've never had any problems.


That doesn't mean you might not have any problem at all. Each organism is a different world altogether. Anyways, your decision and good luck whatever it is you do.


C/J thicker people are more prone to gyno than skinny bastards. Listen before starting any cycle have everything on hand. If it was me i would run nolva for the rest of the cycle at 10-20mg/day.


I'm not too thick, and I don't feel I'm very gyno prone from my last cycles as I've never had any symptoms. So I think I'll stick with mikekatz advive, and wait for post cycle for my nolva unless symptoms develop. But thanks for your 2 cents, I appreciate the advice.