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Gyno Symptoms Coming from SARMs Cycle

Hello I need your guys help and advice.

I decided to run a 6 week s4 and a 3 week osta cycle together. This was my first cycle ever, I was told that sarms do not convert into estrogen and that I do did not have to worry about estrogen concerns.

However coming into my fourth week when I added osta, I started to feel my nips sensitive, itchy and sore. So I decided to run my only ai I have at the moment which is inhibit E and lowering the dose of osta to 12.5 mg the next day. I didn’t feel anything for 3 days then gyno symptoms came back again. So I said fuck it since I don’t have an real ai like aromasin or amridixe on me, I am going to stop this cycle before I get gyno. I also noticed that my left nipple is not symmetrical to the right any more and the right nipple is a little lower now. Not very noticeable I might be the only one that can notice it. However there is no lump under either nipple at all. I ordered ai such as, letro, nolva, and armiridex. However the bad news is it ussaully takes two weeks to get here from the source I got it from. I have clomid but that might just make my gyno worse I do not have nolva until two weeks cause I did not think gyno was supposed to be an issue from sarms(which is promoted anyways). And again I have finished my cycle.

So I have a few questions.

-should I countinue to run sns inhibit e as an ai until my nolva comes?!
-should I run clomid with inhibit e until nolva comes?

  • or should I stop from everything for a while until gyno symptoms have gone away.?

Today I stopped everything but have been taking inhibit e hoping it’s better than nothing. Nipples are still sinsitive.

Hopefully you guys can help answer my question, thank you all.

Well, I hate to break it to you but those sarms have something else in them.

Well I ordered them from sarmsx which is supposed to be one of the highest quality sarms you can get… also who knows I ran DAA with it as well so my prolactin could be high… am going to get vitamin e and b6 to help with prolactin in case it’s just from DAA.

But my main question is should I countinue to run sns inhibit e until my nolva and real ai arrive?!

Update ordered some nolva from a different company should be here 1-5 days. My nipples aren’t so bad any more but I do notice that my right nipple is lower than my left. I do not know if this is a sign of gyno. Also nips did flare a bit today.

Prob gonna run 40/40/20/20 nolva. Hopefully all symptoms and possible changes of my nipples will be gone by then.

If it is not improved by then will run some letro. Lol I hope I don’t crash my e2.

OTC Aus aren’t worth Shit. Also the vitamins aren’t gonna help with prolactin atleast not to a noticeable degree. I would try to get some caber, but honestly without blood work using caber cancer is a shot in the dark.

Also since sarms don’t aromatize, leads me to believe that there is a prohormone in there.