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Gyno Surgery

Okay,after one has gone through the process,can gyno reoccur?

How much would a surgery run someone dollar wise?

A rough estimate would do.

Well im outta hear for please make your post’s,they will be read and appreciated!

I have not had and hopefully will never be forced to have a gyno surgery but I believe that after the gland is removed it is very unlikely for gyno to occur. Not to say that high estrogen couldn’t cause other problems in the body but the visual appearance of gyno should not be an issue. As far as the cost I would guess it to be well into the thousounds and not covered by health insurance.

Kind of on the same page. I’ve read that once somebody has developed tissue in the breast that It will continue to grow until the body returns to homeostasis. I have a friend who, against my opinion, took some prohormones a few years ago and didn’t off cycle properly. He now has a small lump in his left nipple. I believe he bought Nolvadex and then Letro.

I told him that it might have been a progesterone related side because I believe he used a 19-nor. He tried the b6 and vitex after. The lump never got smaller but as far as I know it hasn’t grown any either. My question is, can Bromo or Caber be used to reverse progesterone related gyno? I’ve read that these two are more for prolactin anyways? He also aspires to be a bodybuilder and is scared of gyno now.

He hasn’t used any form of aas or prohormone since the incident and plans on waiting until he is mid 20’s now. My question relating this whole mess of a post to this thread is, will he have to have surgery to remove the “lump” or glands before he begins aas use? This is if the lump does not disappear in the next few years.

I’m sorry if I need to do more research. I don’t post in this forum because I mostly just read and learn. Forgive me for kind of hi jacking this thread and I respect the hell out of you guys (especially the vets in here) and I know your responses to dumb kids in my case being 20. so if i’m wasting your time let me know and i’ll do further research. Thanks


I guy I know paid 4gs out of pocket. He needed though. Sum bitch needed a training bra. It wasn’t AAS induced though.

Below is a good informative website on Gyno.

this topic has come up before. do a search and you will find the info you are looking for. it isn’t anything concrete but should help.

Thank’s for the replie’s.