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Gyno Surgery Questions

I recently decided to get gyno surgery.
after a verbal confrontation with an a##hole who made fun of my b*tch tits.
Nobody had ever done that before.

Though it was embarassing at the time, I now realize he did me a huge favor. Since he was not my friend, he was in a sense, honest. He had no reservations of making fun of my “weakness”. Whereas no one ever said anything about it to me before so as to not hurt my feelings.

I’ve had gyno since HS, and never thoguht much about it until it was time to take off my shirt. I now realize that maybe I wasn’t willing to deal with it, I was ignoring it, and this guy’s remarks were a real wake-up call, a slap in the face if you will.

So, I did a search in the archives for answers and found out most of what I needed to know - Dr Nadler’s site helped out as well.

What I need now is mostly your thoughts and opinions.

(I’m going Tue to Dr Nadler for a consultation BTW.)

1- When is the best time to have it? I assume late fall, early winter? To give myself a few months to get back in shape.

If I need a few days off from work, I will try to schedule as close to Thanksgiving OR x-mas/new year’s. Good idea, right?

2- From what you know, what are the chances of genetic gyno coming back?

3-Are there are other websites with good articles/forums on this topic I should check out?

4- Dr Nader says light exercise in 2 weeks, regular in 4-6 weeks. True?

5- Is it necessary to lose as much weight as possible prior, or not? I’m pretty fat right now.


I was in a similiar situation to you. I had gyno from an early age. As I got into bodybuilding, the gyno became more evident when I dieted down. I went to a local doctor in the Detroit area. He didn’t think it was such a big deal until he took it out. He was amazed at how much was in there. Unfortunately, he didn’t get it all out because 2 years later, I had him do it again.

I wouldn’t worry about dieting down. The breast tissue they remove is white. Fat is yellow. It’s easy to see what to remove.

As far post op, I had the surgery done at lunch. I was back to work right after it was done. As far as working out, I was training legs a week later (although a little blood did come through my shirt). I gradually got back into training chest about a 1 1/2 weeks after the surgery.

Chotto, thanks for sharing . you said “As far post op, I had the surgery done at lunch. I was back to work right after it was done.”"

Are you kidding me? Seriously. I figured what with the local anesthesia and painkillers, you would be blasted for the next day or 2.
Was this the regular gyno surgery or when you went to have more removed?

As far as working out, you seem pretty hardcore working out so quickly after the surgery. Damn…

Anybody else? Come on, I KNOW other guys on the board have had it or know guys that have had it done.
let’s hear it

i got gyno when i was 13 years old.it took me 17 years to finally get myself to the doctor,i was that shy about it.i got the same story too basicly,the doctors couldnt even feel anything there.but the one who made the surgery was really suprised how much hard tissue there was,even under my arm pit!!i felt it,but got tired telling about it,when they kept telling they cant feel anything there.so i just told them they dont look ok.more like a 11 years old girls tits,and it was true they could see it too.first time it was just a liposuction...again i told the doctor theres some hard tissue inside,but he told me if theres something inside it will propably come away with liposuction.ofcourse it didnt,so i had to take another surgery.this time i got removed the hard tissue too,finally.
with tiches you cant workout in two weeks.after that i could do light workout 2-3 weeks.i was off from work a week.i heard that liposuction works best the less fat tissue there is..i dont know if its true. i do believe it can come back again,even when the doctor kept insisting me it cant possiply came back once all the hard tissue is removed.i wasnt born with it!if it came once how it could not come back again?since i didnt got all the breast tissue removed.sorry about my english,hope you understand.

Hey Sonny S,

I had noticeable gyno in my teenage years, but it got worse after androgen use. I went in to get taken care and made a mistake choosing the first doctor.

After the first surgery, yes first, the tissue grew back on my left pec and not to mention that for a month I was in alot of pain.Also I had to wear something that looked on me like a tube top so the skin could adhere to the muscle on my pecs. Because the surgery was not a success it was time for the second.

Now the first I was put under, the second, I kid you not I was awake. He numbed the area(using some kind of lidocaine injections alot of them) and opened around the nipple and started cutting tissue out, now that didn’t hurt what hurt was when he started to use the wand to suction some fat to contour the pec. It felt like I was getting skinned alive!! He kept saying “You can handle it your a big, tough guy” so by him saying that, I think subconsciously I felt like I had to endure the pain.

After second surgery my pecs, just didn’t look right and the goddamned gyno came back!!! I didn’t know what to do beat the crap out of the doctor or seriously just cry.

I wrote a note to Dan Duchaine (R.I.P) with a SASE. Asking him if he knew a good plastic surgeon in South Cali.I was going to take the plane ride to Long Island and see Dr. Nadler. But if there was a qualified surgeon who could take care of my gyno within driving distance it would be much better.

So Dan wrote back with a name of a plastic surgeon that could help me out. The doctor actually trained with Dan in his younger days. The doctor couldn’t believe what sloppy work the first doctor had done. He assured me that he could fix it and he did, this time recovery for me was a couple of weeks. But for some reason a painful two weeks it seemed I was in his office every other day. He had to stick a needle or should I say cannon (18 gauge) in my pecs and remove blood and liquid that kept accumulating there.

I think Dr. Nadler might be expensive but in my opinion it’s worth it. The guy has alot of experience in this type of surgery.

Sonny S the surgery was painful for me, but also very worth it(not the first or second). It’s been a few years and the gyno has never reared it ugly head again.

Thanks for sharing perkele, I understood everything you wrote, your English isn’t bad.

I’m 30 yrs old too, so I’m doing it at the same stage in life.
I have the consultation Tues, so I will be curious as to whether or not he finds the hard tissue during the exam or not.

Even if he doesn’t I will insist that he look for it during the operation instead of simply doing liposuction

thanks!and good luck for you.

Honestly, I was back to work immediately after the surgery. I work in an office as an engineer, it’s not that strenuous. I’m not saying I felt great, but I was there. It will be sore the next day, but it’s not a big deal. To be honest, it was a pretty cool procedure. How often do get to watch as the doctor virtually cuts off your nipple and procedes to hack away at your chest?

In all seriousness, make sure you pick a good doctor. You can’t go wrong with Nadler. I made a mistake and picked a local plastic surgeon that I knew and he didn’t know the particular needs of a bodybuilder.

How much does this procedure cost? Will insurance cover this, if it was caused from natural causes (i.e. puberty)? Does anyone know of a good doctor in the midwest?


Sancho- Your post was great and I’m really happy to hear it worked out i the end; I’m happy to be going to Nadler as well because I won’t have the “what if he f*cks up” running thru my head.

Dan Duchaine was just a really cool guy, he knew his stuff and was great at what he did. I have BodyOpus and its actually worth decent money now, I guess its proof of how well respected he still is.

RIP brother Duchaine

Sugar- after reading the posts by the three men who’ve had the surgery, it should be obvious that this isn’t something to be trifled with. Go with the best and don’t think twice about it.

Nadler is expensive, from what I gathered it’ll cost me 5-6 gs BUT I’ll know for sure Tuesday night.
I will definitely let you guys know what he says.

Sugar- There may be somebody good in the Chicago area, its a major city. You’ll have to ask around though. But with internet travel sites, I’m sure you can get a good deal on plane tix. Hell, you can ride Greyhound for 20 hours if need be, don’t they have a cheap nationwide deal?
Don’t drive though, you’ll spend more on gas and tolls than a plane ticket

Sug- couple more things. Nadler’s receptionist told me straight up “its rarely covered”.

If $ is a problem, I feel you. I’ve been broke, I had to move back in w/ my parents, etc. I just got a good job paying really well, but I’m buying a condo soon and all my money(I start in 2 weeks) will go for that.

So I’ll probably finance it, they’ll give you a loan for pretty high APR but you know what? Some things are worth the money.

I’m excited man, I can’t wait til Tuesday!

Just had the surgery done and the doctor took out all the tissue but looks like my nipple got gored by a wolverine, the recomendations i got about this doctor were no good as he cut me above the nipple like a horsehoe rather than a single cut below the nipple, anyway I didn’t get a compression shirt right away but until i get it i have used a stomach binder which is compressing the chest and man what a difference, my chest is healing up much faster and feels more comfortable. Damn that butcher of a doctor for mauling me, in about a month or so it should hopefully be minimal scarring. I hope

[quote]ericm0908 wrote:
Just had the surgery done and the doctor took out all the tissue but looks like my nipple got gored by a wolverine [/quote]

eric…Congrats on finally taking the plunge, I was one of Bruce Nadler’s last patients before his “retirement”…so welcome to the club, hopefully you will not scar too badly, keep the compression on and if you need post op docs that will rework the area (not many will clean up anothers work) PM me and I will give you some names. Good Luck