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Gyno Surgery Question


I've had gyno since puberty. It's very minimal, but it's prone to flare up here and there with the AAS, and it shows when I'm not as lean or I have a lot of carbs/water retention. Anyway, it sucks.

I was looking into surgery options and noticed that very few (I only found one) surgeons will take out the entire gland. They usually leave a small portion because otherwise the nipple will become inverted in the depression the excision leaves behind. The one doc that does it (and doesn't live anywhere near me) folds the surrounding fat into the depression, basically.

I'm thinking that if I'm lean enough this wouldn't be a problem. Say I got shredded and then had the surgery to completely remove the gland, there wouldn't be any depression because there's no surrounding fat that is still there. Then when I did gain a layer of fat over my pecs it would be spread evenly and there would be no depression.

Does this make sense, or does it not work this way?


You don`t mention more about your gyno, is it only hard tissue around the breast gland?

Usually there needs to be done some liposuction also because some fat is build around the nipples.

If you have gyno fat around there no matter how lean you get it probably won`t go away.

I`m thinking it would still leave a small crater there,i mean after all the breast glands were there once and now their gone right?

Smaller the gyno the better the result is going to be,getting rid of breast glands is in my mind the best choice even if theres going to be a small depression that is probably not even noticeable for someone who doesnt know you`ve had a surgery there.


i had the surgery for pubertal gyno, they left the gland only and unless i'm extremely ripped you cant notice but the gland is roughly the size of a quarter and maybe 1/4 inch thick. Nobody can even tell its there on me cuz it just blends into the pec. If you take that gland out even at 2 or 3 percent bodyfat you will still have a void and it fills with fluid once the surgery is done. btw a small depression in the middle of the nipple is a lot more noticeable then a tiny lump you can only feel if you look hard for it. honestly leaving the gland in looks more natural then caved in nipples.


A doc in New York, Ray Nadler (spelling) is the plastic surgeon for body builders. I'm misspelling his name but he's the guy that Coleman, Cutler, and all those guys use. He's apparently a magician with the canulla.

sorry about the misspells. Low T. :wink:


I'm interested in this thread. I have been considering the surgery as well. I have had some gyno since being a fat teenager. I have since gotten leaner and put on a lot of muscle so it looks ok but even small amounts of juice set it off and large amounts have made it worse (I get symptoms at even 400mg/w of test).

I would like to completely remove the gland so it doesn't grow back next time I do a heavy cycle. I figured they could take out the stuff surrounding the gland as well to make it flat.

I haven't started looking into the different surgeries yet because I am not planning on doing it until winter. Have you guys looked into different types of surgery (eg. tumescent vs ultrasonic vs laser lipo)?


I had the surgery done 2 years ago. They took the gland out and there's no noticable depression.
You cant even see the scars unless you know they are there and you are looking for them. They usually make a small cut on the bottom part of the nipple.


Did the doc specifically say that the entire gland would be removed? I know a lot of docs don't even mention it unless specifically asked.


Quick question. Can anybody tell me about how much the surgery costs in the states?


I've seen it adversited between $1800-2500 (all inclusive) on average. I'm not sure if that is per nipple or not.