Gyno Surgery-Looking for Advice

What’s up guys I used to be a member on here for awhile and recently created a new account. About 3 years ago I had gyno after a cycle, hopped on some letro/prami right away and it cleared the tissue from one nipple.

Unfortunately, the other is still about a quarter in size and annoys the absolute shit out of me not to mention the tender feeling. I’ve did a lot of research and talked to guys who have had the surgery done. I’m really just looking for tips on how I should go about the surgery and who to go to. Some guys say going to a plastic surgeon isn’t the best idea because most of the time they don’t want to hear your sob story and insurance will not likely cover much of it. Would going to my doctor be a better choice?

Also, I’ve looked into my health insurance and it’s covered if most importantly it affects your day to day physical activity. I met a guy through work who got one breast done for $500 who told the doc he had insomnia because every time he rolled over in his sleep it woke him up.

Any tips or thoughts would be appreciated.

I had the same issue in one nip after coming off Propecia. I’m in Canada so I went to my doc, did like your buddy and said it was tender and was always being hit by my seatbelt when driving, getting hit while playing sports etc. and was causing me general discomfort in my day to day.

Got referred to a surgeon who handles breast cancer of all things and she did the removal. Not the best work, there is a a slight indentation just under the nipple where they made the incision but it has gotten less sensitive with time, scar is much less noticable although the indentation will probably always be there.

On the whole, I’m waaaay happier post-surgery than before. Highly recommend it, however you can swing it.

Stopped reading when i said canada because they are too nice ^.^ and cover everything. Advice: it was pre-existing, and you never took anything. It wont be covered if you give them a reason for it not to be. Its tender, and after years of problems, you are finally ready to do something about it.

Appreciate the advice fellas. I made a doctors appointment for next week so hopefully I’ll know soon what the costs will be.