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Gyno Surgery from Hell

Hey all, thought I’d share a story that most people probably don’t normally experience with gyno surgery. on the 21st I had nearly 200 grams of glandular tissue removed from both sides of my chest. Scarring was minimal and I essentially had no pain the following days after the surgery. I did however have some SERIOUS seroma fluid at the surgical sites. Looked like I had giant boobs. Surgeon did NOT put a drain in which I thought was interesting but I did not question it…

few things. I lost all feeling around my nipples, normal, however I had scratched through the skin without realizing it leaving a pretty big cut.
About a week and a half after surgery I was told I could get back to the gym for some light work (currently trying to become a police officer so Im at least trying to run to make sure I can stay in shape for the PATs)

The sunday after my surgery I lifted in the morning (I kept a tight wrap around my chest to keep my “pecs” LOL in place…went for a jog that night. In the middle of that night I woke up with one of the worst pains in the left side of my chest. It was a pain in the muscle tissue close to the armpit and it was serious. I tried to get up and gravity alone had my cringing and when I went to the bathroom I noticed my left “pec” had just about quadrupled in size, it was so swollen it looked like it could seriously have popped. Called my doctor went to see him and got in immediately in the morning and he removed 500ml of seroma from my left side. It was clearly infected and I was put on strong antibiotics and told to return if it was not any better by the morning. Sure enough I was admitted to the hospital the next morning and actually put under sedation to have another procedure where they drained both sides and placed a drain on the infected side. I was placed on a cocktail of antibiotics through IV for 5 full days and nights and had to have blood tests every few hours. Turns out I had a pretty severe staph infection. I was discharged this past friday and actually had the drain removed today…I will be on oral antibiotics for a couple months still and I’m honestly afraid to go back to the gym. Staph was scary and I know if it comes back it’ll only be worse since the antibiotics will be less effective. Has anyone else experienced this? Does anyone else have advice for making sure this doesn’t return? I have a very important interview tomorrow and two PAT’s this week/weekend and I’m gonna get back in the gym tomorrow, only open wound I have is about a needle size next to my chest…would love to get some feedback and advice to anyone getting gyno surgery…make sure they place drains in because I think the fact I have 300-500ml of fluid in my chest for a week straight was a breeding ground for bacteria…