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Gyno Surgery Covered by Insurance?


Hey y'all, just wondering if anyone was able to get gyno surgery through insurance. Surely a couple people have. And of coarse it depends on your insurance policy.

Just wanted to know what questions I will have to ask/answer?

And do I have to let my hormone levels balanced before my initial visit?



Go and search on here. PX had a thread back in the day


Most won't have it covered due to it being seen as a cosmetic surgery, that's what I found out through some research and when I asked my doctor. The Prof X topic is very helpful for this as well. It's so bullshit to be honest.


What is bullshit?


Rattler, do you not see it as cosmetic surgery?


You are in Canada, they consider ACL repair cosmetic

Welcome to Govt medicine.


Not if it happened naturally during puberty like it has to many many people. I understand why, it's just frustrating. It would be nice if there was at least some help into getting rid of it. If I recall my doc told me the surgery was around $5000. This was years ago though, and since then I've just learned to deal with it.


I don't really see it as any different than a girl who went through puberty and ended up having small boobs. It sucks, but some people end up with stuff on their body they don't like. If you want it changed then you gotta pay for it.


That one is tough honestly, there are some interesting findings out in the world about our water supply. The foods we eat etc. Hormonally how much damage is that stuff doing to a teenage boy who is already pumping out hormones.

I am not talking either about the 250 pound 13 year old boy but the kid that is 135 pounds and has tits like a stripper named Bambi.


Don't call it "gyno."

Don't mention anything about looking funny.

Say your chest hurts and itches and is very uncomfortable and you think you might have cancer or something. You can't wear your shirt and have to put tape on your chest to keep it from driving you crazy.

Ta-da legit medical issue.


I'll agree with you there, but insurance coverage for cosmetic stuff is definitely a tricky subject. How much gyno does one have to have before insurance kicks in? I also think that allowing insurance to cover cosmetic surgery would make the prices skyrocket.


I dont know plastic surgeons are not cheap anyway.

The better half got a breast reduction due to cervical pain. She was 4'11" and 120 lbs with 34 DD (I always called her a breeder :slight_smile: and we filled with the insurance. We had enough Chrio visits and Dr visits that it was covered. Still cost us a few grand of course, and I cried to and from the surgery.



I believe the Dr who treats it is the one calling it Gyno.

Otherwise guys wanting transgender surgery could say the same thing.


Yeah I've heard of them covering it if other systems are involved, like your wife's example or rhinoplasties for people with messed up septums. I have pectus excavatum and it used to bother me quite a bit, but I've learned to deal with it which has taken a lot of stress out of my life. It doesn't affect my heart or lungs (as far as I know) so I have no reason to fix it. I don't like it, but I don't think it's bullshit that no one will pay to fix it for me.


I don't have the worst case in the world but it's still quite noticeable. I wasn't fat either, just kinda skinny fat at the time. The thing that really blows is the leaner I get, the more obvious it is so I keep a lighter layer of fat at all times.


Save your money, come to America and get it done. Probably going to be your only choice, but you can negotiate the price if you are cash pay. Sucks but fact of life.


No sure if this analogy really fits.

Small boobs are still feminine and as someone who doesn't care for large boobs not at all "abnormal".

I'm trying to think of better comparison, and all I can come up with is a noticeable and protruding clitoris that is somewhere in the 3" range...

I'm not saying either case should or shouldn't be covered by insurance, just saying I'm not sure your comparison is good enough or not to get the point across.




Haha, I was kind of waiting for someone to tear that analogy apart.


Well, now I'm trying to think if people would think a dude is "ghey" if he was into chicks with larger than large clitorises.

I mean, I'm into some pretty dirty shit, and things that a lot of people would look at me sideways for. (No waterpsorts or chest pooping you sick fucks) Is it weird if a dude was turned on by a 3" clit?