Gyno Surgery and TRT

Quick question, im getting gyno surgery and getting the gland removed. I was told not to do any injections the weeks leading up to the surgery and my question is would I be good to resume regular shots after during recovery? Im doing shots IM in the Quads. Im pretty sure it will be okay to resume shots, but I guess Im just being overly careful. Want to make sure nothing messes up recovery especially since my case is a complicated one.

What makes your case complicated?
I’m not aware of a reason to stop your regular trt protocol prior to surgery. That actually sounds like a bad idea to me.

Why stop? That’s rediculous, May cause more E2 flares by stopping and starting…btw I had power assisted lipo and my gland was removed … no scars at all

They probably say to stop so they cover their ass. Either way to answer your question yes you can do shots the day after surgery.

I’ve had the surgery myself 10-15 years ago. I was able to go to work the next day. I’m sure you already know this but make sure they are cutting the gland out and not saying they can get it using lipo only. I’m sure you’ve seen the stories online about folks getting lipo only and not being happy with the results. Good luck