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Gyno Surgery And GH While Cruising

I have two pea sized lumps that aren’t too bothersome or visible when my nipples are hard. However, when it’s hot and humid – like every day here – they are soft and protrude.

I’ve decided on getting surgery to remove the glands.

My main concern is the healing time being 4-6 weeks with probably 0 chest work. Muh gainz, in other words.

Can I keep my mass with a good diet and cruising? Other tips for that?

How about GH? Can I recover quicker? Or is there no way around it besides get it done, suck up the losses, and hit the gym hard to get back in shape?


Yes everything you just mentioned. As well as stimulating total body mps, will help. So squat moves and if the doc oks it deads. Bpc may help as well.

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