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Gyno Surgeon Help


I haven't posted in some time, but I have been training just the same. This post concerns my gynecomastia which I have discussed at lengths over my years on this forum.

At 21 years old, I can say that nothing has changed...it is just as bad and I'm sure experimenting with any sort of anabolica hasn't helped. Although I have not noticed a change for the worse because of that...maybe so because I really only did a short 3-4 week run or two. That is neither here nor there. The main thing is...it is years later and I still have gyno that does really bother me.

To clear shit up..my gyno is not severe...but surely noticable. I have visibly puffy nipples that are easily visible with a shirt on. The most frustrating aspect of having gyno is that it is a self esteem killer...for me atleast, and no matter how hard I train..or how much body fat I have lost in the past, it is still there clear as day. I have decided that I want to get surgery and have it removed for good.

I have tried nolvadex...arimidex...nothing has worked for me.

Today I went for a consultation with a plastic surgeon who supposedly specializes in gyno. I am in the Palm Beach area...and the surgeons name is Dr. Reddy. The consultation was alright..but I am looking to get a second opinion from other doctors in the area. Unfortunately, traveling out of state is not an option. I am a full time student, and my parents will be paying for this, they only have so much and told me they will do the best they can under the circumstances. I'm sure there have got to be some very good surgeons for gyno in the palm beach, miami area etc.



Here's a better forum to ask about gyno-related stuff:

There's a find a surgeon in your area section to the site, but they only have one surgeon listed for Florida I think: http://www.gynecomastia.org/content/surg_listing/surgeons.php

I've got gyno too man, good luck with this. Sorry if I can't be of much help.


Use the link to the forum listed. Lots of valuable information there. Also check out the gynecomastia thread in the T-Cell Alpha. I have been to 2 different doctors, and mine is friggin' expensive!

It definitely is a self esteem destroyer, but believe me when I say you are not alone. Good luck bud...


Try Dr. George Pope in orlando plastic surgery center. He took care of me and I sm hsppy with the results


This may seem ignorant,but bear with me.I have gyno,and have seen little constructive info on it with regards to TRAINING.maybe I missed this.
Can I ask what chest moves do you do?
I just completed a Personal Training qualification,and something popped up in a workshop that blew me away.

I was already an experienced PT,and had qualifications and gym experience,and do a lot of reading on here and other sites,books,etc.

But I must have missed a meeting,as the course tutor said something I had not noticed from any other article or text.

Most conventional chest moves that guys do -bench press,flyes,etc. mostly involve the pec major,but not pec minor,which is often overlooked or even completely ignored.
To target it,you need to do pushups,which hit the pec major AND minor.
Ok,some dudes know that already-to balance out weighted workouts with bodyweight workouts on a regular basis is a good idea in general.
Some dudes may even take it further and do all the variations and progressions of bodyweight exercises,pushups included.

But I think with the pushups,too many guys concentrate on doing more reps-
its like a test of manhood,I'm sure most guys have been asked-
'Hey dude,how many pushups can you do?'
It is still used a s a benchmark of fitness,by the military,and in fitnes asessments,advocated by the YMCA and ACSM,even though they concede it has a bias towards muscular ENDURANCE.
It is not strictly speaking a STRENGTH test.
Not enough guys concentrate on adding SETS,which add more muscle,or adding WEIGHT,which adds more STRENGTH.
In addition,some guys are 'triceps dominant' and do not feel their chest working to a great degree in the ench press,particularly the barbell bench press.

It hit me that I should experiment and include weighted pushups more,and add weight progressively as for the bench press.
So I have only tried this a few times now-but to my surprise,not only has my chest grown,it has grown THICKER and HARDER and 'HIGHER' in other words,it seems like I've had implants all of a sudden,they've 'lifted' and it seems to have 'flattened out' my gyno.I concede mine is not severe,more of a 'puffy nipple' effect and softer than average chest muscle,rather than full-on man-boobs/moobs,despite low body fat and training the chest and adding muscle.
This is the only protocol that has actually added considerable thickness/firmness/lift-it almost looks like I've had implants,and I've only tried this a few times.
I basically just added a weight plate to my back,on the shoulder blades-
1 warm-up set with no plate,10 reps.
1 warm-up set with 5kg plate on back,10 reps.
1 set with 10kg plate on back,10 reps.
1 set with 15kg plate on back,10 reps.
1 set with 20kg plate on back,to failure,usually around 3/4 reps for me.

I have yet to experiment with things like rest/pause,negatives,superslow,etc. so there is still scope for a lot of variation and progression.
Please try it,anyone with gyno,even if skeptical.If this works,I will include with clients.
This may deserve another thread.
It may simply be my chest responding to new stimulus,I had tried weighted a few times,but not to this extent,or focused/considered the pec MINOR much in general-I mean,who does?
If you get back to me with results,thoughts or feedback,that would be cool.
There is also another move that hits the pec minor really well,basically partial reps on the DB pullover,which I saw in a T-Nation article.Basically do the pullover ,but just the first few inches of the move.


I don't think that you really alleviated the problem, as building the chest wouldn't reduce or get rid of gyno. If you have gyno, I'm pretty sure surgery is the only option that works for sure.

What you may have done is you may have made the gyno look smaller in comparison to your overall chest. But for a lot of people that's not really good enough just because their case of gyno is particularly bad. I'm like this. Building my chest has actually made the gyno look better without a shirt, but worse with one on, so it's kind of a mixed blessing. some people have it worse.

Check out ProfX's thread in the T-Call Alpha for some videos to see what I'm talking about.



I didn't say it was a cure,certainly,but it seems this method has lessened the appaerance of my gyno considerably,more so than any other approach,and may be of help to all but the most severe of gyno cases.
I want to stop the glut of moderate or psuedo gyno sufferers who may be missing a trick,instead of simply hitting the bar harder with he same old approach and getting more frustrated.
Can I ask-
Do you have unresolved gyno?
Have you tried this approach?
If you do,or know anyone who does,please suspend disbelief and try it for 2/3 workouts in a week,no other chest work,for 2 weeks,and get back to me.






Thanks, that was really useful. But seriously, go away.

Yeah, I have pretty bad gyno, and I haven't solved it. But I'm quite sure that surgery is my only option, I do not have a moderate case, or pseudo and you'll have to trust me.

But yeah, if I had a minor case or pseudo, I'd probably just try to work around it (ie. fat loss and putting on size), but my case is rather frustrating. Like I said, making my chest muscles bigger has made it stick out more in a shirt, although without a shirt it seems to look a bit better. I know somewhere down the line I'll have to get surgery done.


just scrap the money together and get it done... its a necessity