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Gyno Supps

i am 16 years old and am cut up don’t have too much fat on me and I lift a lot. for some reason I have gyno on my nipples I think it’s from my hormones. I’m wondering if there are any supplements I can take to increase my testosterone and block estrogen. I know about t boosters but am I too young for them? please help I wanna get rid of it asap

you can attempt to talk to your doctor about letro, or maybe a serm i dunno. But playing with your hormones at this age isn’t a good idea. i have it from puberty. For a long time it bothered me but now since i have muscle i don’t really care anymore. plus if it’s not like super fresh (like youve had it for a while) then it’s probably permanent without surgery.

there are things you can do to make sure your body is operating maximally though. Like taking zinc on an empty stomach. Making sure you’re getting plenty of sun or supplementing with vit D. Eating saturated fats(virgin coconut oil, nuts, animal fat)
fish oil
using bpa free plastics
Don’t get excessively fat
and just eating healthier in general.

other than that grape seed extract is something you can do some reading about. I’m trying it because it’s suppose to have anti aromatase qualities at certain dosages.

stay active and try to do things that support a healthy endocrine system.