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Gyno Solutions Without Surgery?

Raloxifene does the job, it reverses gyno.
it belongs to the second-gen selective estrogen receptor modulator (SERM) drug class that exhibits anti-estrogenic effects on breast tissue, it produced a greater regression of the mammary gland than tamoxifen.


I know which study you’re talking about:

I find it unlikely that “no side effects have been reported”. Since I can completely relate to @ukben, the feeling on Tamox wasn’t pleasant.

But both work. Raloxifen seemingly better than Tamoxifen.


exactly raloxifene is better in reversing formed breast tissue, I guess 30 mg is a baby dose for 4 weeks to start with, nolva is preferred for pre gyno symptoms and estrogen symptoms.

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I have seen first hand success with reversing gyno through a medication reversal procedure. Sometimes takes time especially if it’s old gyno but it goes like this:

Raloxifene(Evista) 120mg 5 days then drop it down to 60mg a day.

Also bring your E2 to a bare minimum with half letrozole every other day or bump that up if you need more because of a cycle.

Take cabergoline at .5mg eod to stop and prolactin and or progesterone that may be exacerbating things.

Topical yohimflame has been reported to reduce puffy nipples but my guess is you have some gland somewhere under your nipple or from your nipple into your armpit area( gynecomastia tail)

Don’t end the protocol as soon as you see results add in an extra week atleast after you think things are done. Done continue for longer than 6months as the serm(Raloxifene) decreases bone density.

Good luck and stay persistent!

Raloxifene is typically used for osteoporosis and increase bone density.

I know it’s used for osteoporosis and it’s one reason a lot of guys would be open for a potential blindside by the fact that it doesn’t for men. Mainly has to do with when your E2 levels are low then Raloxifene decreases bone turnover.

Here’s an ncbi full scientific study explaining it Brother

Here’s the sentences that matter for the lazy reader lol

“Although neither is currently approved for use in men, raloxifene does reduce bone turnover in men with low endogenous estradiol levels (39,40) “

The whole paragraph from the study:

„ In terms of therapy, given the critical role discussed above for estrogen in bone metabolism in men, a logical hypothesis is whether low doses of estrogen or SERMs may be effective as treatment modalities for osteoporosis in men. Although neither is currently approved for use in men, raloxifene does reduce bone turnover in men with low endogenous estradiol levels (39,40) and has been found to have positive effects on BMD at multiple sites in men undergoing gonadal suppression therapy for prostate cancer (41). A more recent study of 1389 men with prostate cancer on androgen deprivation therapy found that another SERM, toremifene, significantly reduced vertebral fractures (42). Thus, SERMs do hold promise in the treatment of hypogonadal bone loss in men with prostate cancer, but further studies are needed to assess their possible efficacy in aging men not undergoing gonadal suppression.“

Which in my estimation means it stopped the osteoporosis from progressing.