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Gyno Solutions Without Surgery?

Hi guys,
I’ve had gyno since my teens and am now 24. I’ve cycled a few times and as I’m sure many people think it’s from the roids it’s not, I’ve always had it and now I’m pretty lean it is really effecting me. I cannot afford surgery at the moment and just wondering if anyone had any solutions for when wearing a shirt? Currently wear plasters over my nipples when I go out to hide it but this is a ball ache. I’ve tried tight vests but they don’t really help and make me look small. I’ve thought able nipple piercings as I know when I kept scratching my nipples while on holiday topless it eventually made them very sore andbthey looked normal as when I scratch them they seem to… Tighten up? To mention its not bad gyno like some. My chest is pretty tight it is literally just my nipples are puffy.

Cheers guys

I doubt it would work for long-standing gyno, but have you tried a SERM?

I was in the same boat as you. Surgery was the only thing that worked, unfortunately

What do you mean serm mate? I’ve just started using taxiferm to try and minimalise it but I feel so rough and tired all the time. Which is weird considering I’m on 500mg test weekly 700mg tren a and mast weekly
and 50mg winny Ed

Oh you didn’t mention in your post that you were currently on a cycle. I thought you were trying to get rid of gyno from previous puberty & cycles. Tamoxifen is a SERM and will probably not work at this point but maybe worth a try 20-40mg daily

I think it will work. OP try it, that’s the best you can do. 20-40 mg per day as stated and then see if it helps. If you search the forum with the term “gyno” you will find studies.

I agree that it would be working better if you were sure that E2 and prolactin are in range. So either have bloods or do it also off cycle.

I’ve had bloods x2, and my e2 has come back as 1000 and 500, but I believe that’s tren contamination

I would like to chime in here… are you suggesting that even after years (or in my case about 2 decades) of having man tits that Tamoxifen could potentially reverse gynocomastia? I’m not arguing, I sincerely wanna know because I have been self-concious for a loooooooong time now.

For clarification I am 32 now, but I was very fat when I was a pre-teen and never lost the boobs. Is that different than AAS induced gyno?

Here are some studies:
Short term study


10 year study

I think the answer is yes. The problem is the specifications in the study. They say 87 % of patients had hurting breasts too. So that could mean they are more active than yours. But I see it as even if you got it for a long time, tamoxifen will help.

If you search the forum I think there’s even more links to studies. I think you should try it, you probably won’t hurt yourself with tamoxifen and if it gets better, you’ve won something.

Well… I feel like I have to try this out now, thanks for the info

Report back if it works. Maybe you see improvement in a few months. Good luck

In my case, no, it wasn’t enough. But I had it for 20 years before I tried Tamoxifen, no pain, no fat, just hard masses. But it’s worth a try before resorting to surgery (which is what ultimately fixed mine)

Is being on taxi and tren good? I’ve heard mixed reviews

Letro seems to reverse gyno in some people too, me included. But have to be very careful with the dose.


Damn that back

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Haha thanks! My back has always been a strong point for me.


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When ever I get a gyno flareup, and by flareup I mean actual tissue growth (hard lumps), I use 40mg of Tamoxifen per day for 3 months and it always shrinks it down to a small, soft mass but it never actually goes away. It just atrophies because it’s being starved of the estrogen it needs to grow. It’s not 100% gone but it’s not noticeable at all or at all painful. That’s what works for me.

I stopped taking taxo today due to ED problems and just feeling a bit rough. I’ve had gyno since teens and I don’t believe it’ll help me out

Show off.

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If it makes you feel better, I have pointy nipples. No gyno, but it looks like it in certain shirts. Most people probably just assume you have pointy nipples.

Question for you all responding,

I have a nephew, 16, skinny. He has diagnosed confirmed Gyno in one nipple. Size of a nickle. Dr tells him to wait it out, it will go away on its own. I told him to talk with the Dr again, to be more aggressive with it and see if he can prescribe Nolvadex. Could it go away on its own? Do you think he should wait, for how long? Should he be more aggressive and go for a Serm.

EDIT: Not trying to hijack OP thread. Not much sense in creating a whole new thread as same topic.