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Gyno Sensitive, Please Help


Hi guys,

A little cycle history first:

1ST - 10 weeks - Test E 500mg per week, 1mg adex EOD

2ND - 12 weeks - Test E 500mg per week, 20mg Dbol on training days, 1mg adex EOD

3RD - 12 weeks - Test E 500mg per week (weeks 1-8), 750mg (weeks 9-12), 400mg EQ per week, Dbol on training days, 1mg adex EOD Developed gyno symptoms around week 10 (lumps & sore nipples towards the end of this one I upped adex to 1mg daily & popped 40mg Nolva for 3 days then continued with 20mg until symptoms ceased. Bloodwork at the end of week 12 showed estrogen levels normal after 2 weeks of 1mg daily.

height - 5"10 (176cm)
weight - 85kg (187lbs)
body fat - 11.7%

I’ve just recently started my 4th cycle which I will be running prior to a cutting cycle before a show in September. The cycle is 750mg Test E per week, 350mg EQ per week, 400mg Tren E, I started with 1mg Adex EOD. I’m also taking 200mcg of GHRP & MOD-GRF per day. I will also be dropping the Tren at week 5 and adding in Masteron instead (simply due to insomnia sides because I work early hours).


I started developing the same gyno issues as I did with the 3rd cycle I took and I’m just 2 weeks in. So what I’ve done is begin taking 1mg DAILY of ADEX, drop my Test down to 500mg per week & popped 40mg NOLVA for two days & have continued with 20mg daily until sides diminish once again. It seems that whenever I go above 500mg of Test my body wants to embrace my inner woman and AROMATISE THAT SHIT!

Like last time, I’m assuming 1mg adex daily will help balance estro like it did last time & I will get bloods done at week 4-5 to confirm this. I will hopefully be getting my hands on some LETRO which I will be dosing EOD @ 2.5mg instead of the ADEX but it won’t be for another 2 weeks at least (IT’S A NIGHTMARE GETTING ANYTHING IS AUSTRALIA).


Are any of you gyno prone? Have you had better results controlling e2 with letro? If you’ve had similar problems, what did you use or do to help overcome this?