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Gyno Reversal


I'm a 30 yr. old male on a cycle right now. Test Susp=300mg wk. Decca=500mg wk. d-bol= 175mg wk. I started with 15days dbol 1-25mg pill a day, and 50mg susp every second. After that I doubled the dose for a week/7 days, and then added the decca. I've been on d-bol since the beginning, debating on whether to come off it and continue with only injectables. It's been just over two months, and gyno snuck up on me.

Seems to have occured overnight, not surprising tho to say the least. I am prepared, I have Letro (25-2.5mg pills), Nolva (alot-20mg pills, Clomid (a lot of 100mg pills), and HCG on hand. I need proper advice on administering.

I've been advised on the following through other forums and discussions:

Letro = 2.5mg for the first four days, then taper down each day by .5mg until minimum dose of .5mg, continue until "lump" disappears, but no longer than 10-12 days treatment.
Nolva + Clomid = 40nolva, 200clomid, for first two days, taper down half for two days, taper down half again and maintain until end of cycle to counter the estrogen bounce that Letro is known for.

Now where does the HCG fit in?? Do I administer in the last two weeks of my cycle, and continue for two more afterwards, or do I start now, and if so how much do I take?? And does the Nolva + Clomid combo continue past my cycle end date?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Never had problems with gyno b4, but i've never used these compounds together b4.
Was also mentioned to me that I cut out the Clomid from the equation.


You realize that the half-life for T-Susp is about 12-24 hours?

Test-P would fit your needs better.


I realize that, I'm ok with jabbing more frequently. I have a slight allergy to the Ester in Test Prop. which gets progressively worse as use continues. Susp is a better option for me right now.