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Gyno Reversal: How Long To Give Nolva

Hi all,

Been using Nolvadex at 40mg to reduce some gyno flare up, but 9 days in (aside from the pain subsiding a couple of times), I’m not seeing much else.

How long is it worth giving it until it’s really not going to do anything? I know a lot of people go for letro over Nolva, but pharma nolva is all I could get my hands on, and UGL stuff I find to be pointless.


Nolva will bind to the receptors preventing any further gyno development and you should be taking it for this reason. 20mg a day is enough.

If you are lucky it may reduce some tissue growth. Very unlikely to fully reverse gyno development and it might not reduce it at all.

What the nolva will not do is lower your estrogen which is what has caused the problem.

You need to take an AI - arimidex, letro or aromasin are all fine. If you do not get estrogen back to normal then the issue returns when you stop taking the nolva.

take the nolva for as long as it takes. Studies on it are conducted over months, not weeks, so patience, grasshopper.

IMO you should also be taking aromasin.

Get it cut insurance covers, weed out breast cancer, and be done with it. Why get jacked while gyno pops up tell doc you think you have problem. Get off you shit if your testosterone is 1500 which they test for they will know, i had pubescent gyno got cut out when 16, my testosterone was like 1100, which made body produce more estrogens.