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Gyno Reduction Possible?

Sooo guys… I have a little issue if you know what im talking about. I was left with puffy nipples following my last cycle. My right nipple puffiness went away over time but the left nipple “settled” and is now a pea sized lump under my nipple.

I do not want to get surgery because I dont really care that much but if given the opportunity to get rid of it by other means I would totally do so. Im running epistane at the moment because I have heard good things about some gyno reduction. If this does not work however does anyone have some FIRST HAND experience on the letro gyno reduction protocol? Id really appreciate any other gyno reduction stories as well.


Any answer at this point would help. There has to be a way … there is no way that all these athletes/bodybuilders/football players/gymnasts with gyno at one time or another all got the surgery.

Well in that case for anyone who cares… Im gunna run letro @ .75 mgs per day and see wat happens. (I’ve got 7 2.5mg tabs and have been biting them in quarters. Anyways ive been doing this for about 3 days now and alot of the puffiness around the area has subsided so its lookin good=))

Probably gunna log myu progress so if you want to follow plz do so

there’s a sticky on gyno, if you haven’t read it then that’d probably help

I had success with reducing gyno with letro.

It bounced back after I quit, but not as bad as untreated. It’s also worth noting that i didn’t do it for the whole duration (quit due to sides)

Definitely give chemicals a try before going under the knife.

thanks for the advise its been about 4 days and i can see the condition improving @ a dose of .75mgs so i think im gunna just stick with that for a little while. so happy !!!