Gyno Rebound 4 Months After PCT

I get my cycle
(Test e/deca/dbol/tren 8 weeks)
(Susta/winstrol/anavar/tren 8 weeks)
then my pct (nolvadex/clomid/hcg 6 weeks)
4 months later i feel pain whike touching my nipples.
Any help please?

Get labs.


@blshaw has given you the best advice anyone here can give you at the moment. I suggest you follow it.

TT, FT, E2, FSH, LH, SHBG at a min would be good

Considering he ran Tren as well I would add in a prolactin test.


Thank you man!

What should i do if i hv high prolaction and high estrogen?

There are meds for each as well as reattempt at HPTA restart or TRT. Labs first.

I did a T test, estrogen test and prolaction test.
I cant afford the other tests.
Tomorow i will get my results.

We can start with that, but if you have low T you would need to know FSH/LH to see if the problem is HPTA or in the testes. I would also prefer you did either SHBG or FT to know what your T is actually doing.

Tomorow when i get my results i wll tell u.
Thank youu helping me.

I get my results
Prolaction 169 µUI/ml
Test 15.2 nmol/l
Estrogen 23pg/ml

I don’t have your ranges, correct me if I’m wrong, but those all appear mid range and acceptable by normal standards. Test is a little low and if you have high SHBG that could be the problem. I had normal E2 with lowish test and very high SHBG. This caused gyno to manifest in me. Once I started TRT it went away.

what is the TRT?

im taking nolva last 2 days to block the breast receptors while i was waiting to get my blood test results (i get my nolva from a pharmacie)

I was feeling some gyno symptoms i get a blood test:
Prolactin 169 µUI/ml
Test 15.2 nmol/l
Estrogen 23pg/ml

What should i do?
Last cycle: ( feb to march)
Test e/deca/tren e (2 months)
Susta/tren e/anavar/winstroll (2months)
Hcg (3 injec: 1000 iu/week)
Nolva 40 mg/day 3 weeks + 20mg/day 3 weeks
Clomid 100mg/day 3 weeks + 50mg/day 3 weeks