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Gyno Quick Cures?


so ive got Gynecomastia (gyno) pretty bad. I posted about this in the off topic part of the forums and got a few responses like letrozole, nolvadex, Transdermal formestane (Dermabolics E-form). my mother is a critical care doctor and she told me that i wont be able to get a perscription for them because those drugs are too intense for the case that i have. wich is not true, ive got it pretty bad i just tend to hide it well.

i was also told that i can try and cut out enviromental estrogens, anyone know of any enviromental estrogens that are pretty common? also ive herd Rez-V is pretty good stopping gyno from getting worse and sometimes helps get rid of it.

  1. u can get letro and nolva from places that dont require prescriptions.

can i post research chem websites in here?

  1. many meats have estrogens in them, especially chicken. they pump chickens full of estrogen to get full, tender chicken breasts. same thing with turkey.


where can i get letro and nolva, online or can i go pick soem up at a drug store today?!?! XD


and also does REZ-V work, i read that sales pitch on it here on the site and it says it can reduce the effects of gyno and i was told that it can by a friend. just wondering what everyone elses take on it is.


I feel for you bro!! Wow you would think your Mom would do something to help you out. Get a friend in her profession to write a script.

That sux ...but I believe this is a no source board. So PM if that is the case and you want to help this guy out.


Bad news buddy it's not reversible, you have to go under the knife to get them removed.


This is a bit of a blanket statement I think...

As far as I'm aware, if it's a fairly recent event (the gyno) there are plenty of drugs that'll get rid of it. Letro I've heard is very effective, but you need to be very careful with your dosing and taper off slowly.


If you catch gyno at the onset, you can reverse it with Nolvadex, and/or Letrozole. If you've had it for awhile you're fucked. Surgery is your only option.


His mother is a doctor, for christ's sake. If your brother was in the DEA, would you expect him to hook you up with a few kilos of smack?

Believe it or not, most people that spend 8+ years in school tend to want to not have their licenses revoked.


was this caused by AAS use?

unfortunately, once the glands have developed, they are there for good, unless you go the surgery route. you can, however,reduce the size of the lumps. Use letrozole at an aggressive dosage, then taper off of it. You can get letro at any research chem company. .


try cutting cals. Although you look very lean in your avatar pic (recent?), it could just be fat storage. I thought i had gyno once, but after cutting i realized it was just some fat storage.


So you would have him stay at a constant, say.. 4% bodyfat just to see if it's fat deposit?

I think it's safe to say that at his BF percentage, there is little natural fat deposit in the nipple area for a normal person.


Id tell him to cut down to 4% if he might have recently bulked and thought "the gyno" was really just some fat storage in the chest.

If the pic in his avatar is what he looks like right now then he should not cut obviously, and it probably is gyno.


I've used a research product called LiquiFem. Its letrozole in liquid form and reverses gyno within 2-3 weeks. To reverse it you'll need to take 1.25mg - 2.5mg every day. Be careful though cause it can kill your libido if you use it too long.


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my avatar is recent, and i know its gyno becuase my mother like a said is a doctor and she had a look plus my acual doctor ( who said it was just my young hormones and it will go away in a few years..... dipshit) also took a look at it. as far as cutting calories that would be a no-go, i spend far to much money on food and weightgainers to keep my muscle on, to lose it all by cutting cals, i tried this once by doing cardio, i just cant put enough in me to keep anything on me.

so im getting two answers take drugs or go under the knife, ive been told that going the surgury route works but it may grow back, my mother told me that it probly isnt a great idea taking those drugs since they do effect your hormones a bit, and its pretty expensive. but ill give the drugs a shot and post back.


why...so he can go from a c cup to a b? lol!!! letro should do it.


I honestly cannot see any gyno in your avatar, but if you are gonna do something, I'd try letro before something as drastic as surgery. Other guys have gotten rid of gyno with 2-3 months of letro. Make sure you do your research and taper it down or you'll fuck up your hormones. You never answered the question as to whether this is AAS related or if it occurred naturally.