Gyno Questions

Alright, my buddy has a question that i am stumped with. He has done previous cycles but his first few were less than lets say ideal, and he deloped some gynomastia tissue.

He now needs a large amount of nolvadex in order to control it from flaring up again. For example at the beggining of a d-bol and test cyp cycle he needs 40mg just to stop gyno from the d-bol.

He believes that at this dossage it is preventing him from gaining the full benefits from his cycle. What are his options, any input would be great.

Has he tried letro bro?

No but it was considered. However with our sources our options are arimidex and femera. I’m leaning towards arimidex at.5 a day. I have only read about this product and have no experience with it. Anyone have any input?

I second letro, esp someone prone to gyno.

Hey bro, Ferma is letrozol

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thanks for the input bushi. I very much agree with your info on the benefits of estrogen within the cycle. I guess the other factor is who wants to use 60-80 mgs of nolva a day when there are other options. I think i am going to suggest the femara.