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Gyno Questions


I have ran my first cycle of test/dbol and am about to start pct. In the past week or 2 however I noticed a small lump under each nipple and am concerned. Also they are very sensative and take a good flicking to look normal otherwise they are constantly puffy.

My question was im doing 10mg nolva every night up until my pct just to get me there without any further growth.

I have some letro however not alot but i do have some... would I be able to include it towards the start of my pct and taper off of it during pct? would this cause a huge rebound or would i be alrite? literally speaking I have 6 1mg tabs and was thinking of splitting them for the first 12 days to try and reverse the gyno if at all possible. Or iwould itd be better to do 1mg for the first six days? Have no idea on the subject but would like to know what other ppl have done.

My pct was planned to be .. nolva 40 20 20 20 clomid 100 50 50 on top of watever I decide to do with the letro.


What AI did you use during the cycle and how much and when did you stop it?


Im using .25mg Adex EOD and have been for the duration of the cycle. Was planning on tapering off once I was in the first week of pct maybe cut the dosage in half depending on how i felt. Its the liquid form( RUI Products) not sure if that makes a difference?


I would not risk using letro at this point.

The puffiness is from the AAS, not necessarily from gyno. It will almost certainly go down after the cycle is over.

The lump, a lot of people have small lumps. Nothing to worry about IMO.

I think letro at this point is too risky. It could negatively affect your recovery or at least complicate something that doesnt need to be.

In the future, you know to use a little more arimidex per that amount of aromatizeable AAS.

Dont use the letro, taper off the AI as planned, and begin the nolvadex as planned. Your issue should not get worse. This is what I would do if it were I facing this situation. The ultimate decision is yours, obviously.


Thanks alot for the advise brother. I guess even iffff it stayed there its only a little bit thats not even noticable to anyone other than myself. Starting PCT in 4 days as planned sounds good to me thanks again!


You may want to have Aromasin on hand --- much less harsh then Letro.

Aromasin won't initiate any estrogenic rebound either, or severely skew lipid panel.