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Gyno Question

I’ve done 3 aas cycle so far and before that played around with some ph’s. Now I’m not saying that this is enough for me to come to any conclusions but I’ve never notic ed the need for anti e’s to prevent gyno. Typically I’ve used like 1/4 tab of femara a week and a few times just keep nolva on hand. I don’t tend to get too bloated (worst was eq and cyp with 5000+ kals a day). Is it possible some people don’t get gyno? Or what would seem more likely, some have a higher threshold than others.

wideguy, yes that’s copletely plausable as estrogen receptor desity and distribution differ markedly between individuals.


Some people have a higher sensitivity to estrogen, while others don’t. I’m like you Wideguy, in respects that I don’t used anything during a cycle. I’ve never had a problem with gyno before and have never worried about it. I have always kept Nolvadex on hand during a cycle just incase, but I have ALWAYS used it at the end of one.

There are individuals out there that get gyno and don’t even USE AAS. It all comes down to genetic breakdown, receptor sensitivity, and hormone conversion.

Good point Quiet1, I also always use it at the end of a cycle. That or femara.