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Gyno Question

How often does gyno usually occur in healthy young males?

I’m 22, good amount of natural test. My cycle is going to include Test E 300, 600mg/wk.
The person I got all my info from is 24 and has taken multiple cycles, and he says my first cycle should be as previously stated for 10 weeks. Then PCT with Clomid 50 for about 3 weeks. He said he has never needed to use any AI because gyno was never a problem with him.

I’m worried that if gyno does occur in my cycle, not having any Letro or other AI on hand and can’t seem to find a legit source to get it from.

I’ve been doing my homework on all aspects of cycling before I start, but I’m eager to know more useful info. Any and all advice will be taken into consideration.

well, a basic cycle of test at 600 mg/wk for 10 weeks is solid advice. however, the rest of the advice is not good…

if you start getting gyno, it’s generally too late to see much success with adding in an AI. most likely you’ll need a SERM to actually block the estrogen receptor at that point as well, in addition to the AI which is still needed to limit aromatization…

3 weeks of PCT is simply too short. and while a few guys get good results with clomid, most guys hate clomid.

it’s pretty easy to get AI’s/SERMs from “research companies” on the Web…

i suggest taking a look through these:

some people don’t get it no matter how high they run, others get it from TRT doses.

There’s just no way to know for sure.

There’s also about a million other problems high E can cause apart from gyno.

Get an AI.