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Gyno Question

Hello all, I’m currently in my fifth week of my cycle. Developed small ball behind my right nipple a week ago I was taking any adex (stupid, i know). The ball got a little bigger over the past week. I just got some arimidex last night. How much do you think I should take to try to get rid of this? I was thinking I should take more than a regular dose for now until it goes away, then start taking a regular dose. Just not sure how much, thoughts?

Yes . More than the regular dose. You should also use any other ancillaries at your disposal to include Letro. Exemestane, Nolvadex and Clomid. As for dosages maybe another poster could help you more there.

What is the cycle? What brand is the Anastrazole? What is your body fat (with shoe)?

It is dependant on the type of cycle and how sensitive one is to aromatase or the breast to estrogen - Generally speaking doses of Adex on something like a 500-750mg/wk of aromatising AAS would be anywhere from 0.25mg ED to 1mg ED, with 1mg Ed being very high for most and more than even a fairly sensitive individual would need IME.


400mg/wk Equipoise
500mg/wk Test E

Don’t know my body fat, but I am very lean. I took 2 1mg pills the first day i got them, and i’ve been taking one every day since then, does that seem okay or should i take more?

It is more than enough. Too much IMO… especially given the ranges i have already given. the answer is in my question i think you’ll find :wink: