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Gyno - Puffy Nipples vs Lumps on Tren Cycle

Hi lads,

Currently 6 weeks into cycle (250mg test E and 76.5mg parabolan 2x weekly, .5 adex 2x weekly). I was also taking 500mg HCG once weekly to try keep the nuts working. also taking a lot of P5P

3 weeks ago I noticed my nipples starting to get pretty puffy/pointy which I never noticed before. there are no lumps on either side. my last cycle i had small lumps on both sides and a short nolva burst took them right down. i tried the nolva this time to see if it would get rid of the puffiness but it didn’t do anything unfortunately.

is puffy nipples classed as gyno? its not really bad atm but its noticeable and if it gets worse it will look seriously bad, it also goes away 100% if nipples are cold. pretty sure it’s not bodyfat because im around 12% at the min and never had puffy nipples even over 15% BF.

what’s the difference between lumps and puffy nipples? anyone any advice from experience? if it’s not gyno related then wtf is it! i’m sure if it was estrogen related i would have lumps presumably? i stopped taking the HCG last week to see if that helps as i think HCG can spike E2 levels. also no labs available at the minute

No, but it’s probably some sort of weird fetish though.


if it’s not gyno i think i would rather have gyno lumps instead of these puffy/pointy nips… at least when i had gyno lumps last cycle they were invisible to the eye! and went after taking nolva

Try using clamps to reduce puffiness.


@zeek1414 seriously? haha do you know what is causing it?

i read somewhere hard lumps are a sign of high estrogen and puffy nipples are more related to prolactin issues. would you agree?

There are tons of male nipple clamps that can be used to remove excess from the area.

Google, Male Nipple Clamps, then click the images tab

Thank me later.


If you don’t have nipple clamps you can use roach clips in a pinch (no pun intended).

Only one way to know if it’s prolactin or anything else and that’s blood work.


can’t tell if you guys are joking or not haha would the clamps work if it is prolactin related?

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Yes, Scouts honour. Putting clips on your nipples will help.


Ya you gotta clamp them at a 90 degree angle it’s hard to explain on a forum.

Put the clamps on and take a picture and il tell you if your doing it right.


fantastic information there lads. much appreciated.


Nipple clamps for prolactin? Really?
What ever happened to using cab?

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Bro that is ancient Bro science medicine. This nipple clamp med is revolutionary. It has shown huge progress with positive results.


I rofled

I regret nathin

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thanks for the only real reply haha i am going to get caber or prami next week. should i stay on adex while taking this? also what dosage/length am i looking at? cheers

No you should not get caber or prami and start taking it because you think your prolactin could be high.

Where do yall get these ideas from?

I said this numerous comments ago but I guess that was just ignored paying to get your bloods drawn to figure out what or if there is a problem is not nearly as fun as ordering caber and using more drugs.

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Moments away from the greatest pic in T-nation history and you ruined it. You suck so much ass, dude.


To be honest its not all his fault for fucking it up. Zeek and I could have committed ourselves more to it by posting pictures of dudes with nipples clamps claiming it was us. That may have led to more or might not. But I dont think he was totally convinced yet. But you are right, the calling us out so early didn’t help.

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Na we were gonna get a Pic. He’s probably already ordered the clamps off Amazon.

Dude fucked it up end of story. Hasn’t posted in 2 years on the forum then chimes in to ruin it. Bet he’s real fun at parties.