Gyno Prone?

Hey guys…I’m starting my first 15 week Test-E 600mg cycle, week after next. Getting my bloods taken, cholesterol, next week before I start.

I got my gear in, and now have Adex and Nolva on hand for gyno, and pct, respectively.

My question is, after some research on gyno vulnerability, I saw that flare-ups during adolescence is a good indicator for danger during cycles.

I just remembered that when I was 12-13, I had a lump in my left nipple that worried my parents who took me to Dr, after which the Dr immediately checked my nuts, and found vericocele in my left nut. (Varicocele - Wikipedia) I had surgery to remove to protect my fertility.

Was this gyno related? I don’t recall any more talk nor symptoms of the nipple lumps, and I had 4 kids as an adult.

Just want to know if I should plan for anything in particular.