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Gyno Prone, Need Some Input


Age: 26
Height: 6’4"
Weight: 245 lbs
BF: 14%

Training consistently for 10+ years

Over the years I’ve ran 2 cycles of test e only, 600-800 mg / week and one cycle of test prop w and masteron. Every cycle I’ve dealt with gyno but have always been able to keep the effects minimized by using AIs. I’ve tried various doses of adex, aromasin, letro, and nolva all throughout my cycles. My last cycle was about 2.5 years ago. It isn’t to the point where its noticeable to anyone else yet, but I’m worried about running another cycle because each time the little lumps behind my nips get more and more noticeable to the touch and I’m afraid if I run another one it will get to the point where it becomes visibly noticable.

So, the big question. What’s everyone’s thoughts?

Any good stacks that would help with good lean muscle? I’m definitely solid already, but starting keto diet soon to trim up and hopefully get down to would like to get down in the 8-10% BF range but want to run something to help minimize muscle loss whIle cutting.

This is normal to a lot of users. Including myself. I run Proviron 50mg ed without any AI. I did freak first time. Proper CPT & time off, I’ve been fine.
I’m not a authority and everyone is different.