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gyno problems?

ok i’m currently at the tail end of a tren/test/dbol cycle. I’ve ran out of dbol a few weeks ago. I am also taking .5mgs of liquidex ED. Recently my nipples have become very puffy, but i’ve had a gyno scare in the past and this time around there is no tenderness, itching, burning, or lumps…they just look a little puffy. IS this another gyno scare or whats goin on? any help would be appreciated.

It may be, do you have ‘knots’ under your nipples? or is there nothing at all except a little puffyness?

nope, no “knots” at all. its just a little puffy and feels like water or almost like just air behind my nipples, just puffy thats all…

Well you ought to be worried. Get some Nolvadex right away - Clomid if you absolutely can’t get Nolva.

I’ve heard of people getting fake liquidex in the past numerous times. Seems like that stuff gets faked a lot more than pills.

well shit, i got it from the liquidresearch…you guys ever deal with that site before?

Warehorse is right. And to everybody who reads this thread here is some advice: when doing a cycle always have more than one ancillary on hand i.e if you’ve got liquidex, get another brand or get some nolvadex or clomid as well. Always have a backup plan in case your frontline ancillary doesn’t work! The only exeption to this is if you purchaced your stuff from a pharmacy and you are 100% sure that the stuff is the real deal.

I’ve heard “liquid research” and “fake” in the same sentence before.

Probably a good thing they got taken down by the Feds IMHO.

Be careful what you sow in life, because you always reap what you sow.

well i do have some nolvadex on hand, so i just started taking it today. but a buddy of mine just informed me that Tren also raises your prolactin levels and no amount of nolva or adex will help that. but as soon as you come off of the Tren, it goes away. Any of you guys experience that?

didn’t liquid research just get busted? by the feds

yeah they did, selling roids and weed hah…well, from what i read on elitefitness anyways

Tren can aromatise to progesterone, however this is very uncommon. Bromocryptrine is the drug of choice for prevention of this, but the nutritional supplement vitex (chaste berry) also works.