Gyno problem!

OK, my last cycle was about 8 months ago, and although I used Nolvadex roughly 1/2 through my cycle of Equipose 400wk, test Enth. 300/wk, and winny at 50EOD for about 6-8 weeks. and some Clomid and Nolva together for PCT. I got a little careless w/ waiting on the Nolvadex b/c I felt no side effects whatsoever.

I notice a very small lump about 1 inch to the right of my right nipple. This could have always been there before (in fact I knew it was, but it always seemed to be smaller) Maybe I’m just extra weary of it b/c I’m extremely lean right now, but I would like to run another cycle in the upcoming months, and wanted to know…

1- Should I take Nolva right now? just for a while to make it go away? Is this even possible?

2- If I do another cycle, (suppose I cannot afford or get Arimidex) what should I do to avoid any more flareups? I probably underestimated the 1/2 life on the Equipose as I had never done it before…

Advice would be most helpful. I can even post a pic later, it’s not even noticeable, but it still freaks me out!

Gyno occurs under and a little around the nipple and it is really sensitive in the beginning stages and just gets bigger and bigger with time. Hope that helps.

in my experience, arimidex or sometimes liquidex is a necessity. but if I HAD to run a cycle without it, I would just really stock up on the nolva and clomid. just be prepared to stop your cycle if anythign occurs.

There’s no reason you shouldn’t be able to afford/get arimidex. If you really can’t afford it everything for a cycle, then it should be held off a little longer. How long was your PCT run after the cycle?

As long as you take better precautions next cycle, you should be okay.

I recomend for your next cycle instead of using nolva, use femara @ 2.5 mg per day. This will stop the problem before it even occurs, and you may even find that your lump will actually reduce in size

It bothers me that you say it is about an inch to the right of your nipple. As RLTW said, gyno begins under the nipple and grows.

There is such a thing as male breast cancer. Rare, but it occurs. Something to think about.

Prisoner#22, Are you saying that femara can reduce the size of existing gyno?

Yes Femara can reduce the size of existing gyno. I have read others who testified to this and seen it happen in myself. Btw the lump that is not directly under the breast is most likely a estrogen caused fatty deposit.
Not Breast cancer. Breast cancer causes the swelling of lymph nodes and spreads along these pathways.

OK- Update…went to my doc, he knows I’ve juiced in the past, etc. He looked at it, said there’s no way it’s gyno… 99% sure. He said it’s too small, and it would be closer to the nipple. He thinks it’s just a swollen lymph node, not sure what’s causing it. He said it definitely doesn’t feel like cancer either, so that’s a plus!

P22- I’m not familiar w/ Femura, how much would that typically run? And as far as Arimidex or any other drug, I’m trying to keep my spending as low as possible, and although I’m in SoCal, I don’t have the balls to bring stuff across the border, so I really need to pick from what my supplier can get, or has.

I was basically planning on test E- 300wk, Equi or deca- 400/wk, and adding Winny @ 50mg EOD after a few weeks (so I’d end the deca or Equi earlier and finish w/ only test and winny) then start PCT. I might look into making my own tren too, but not sure yet.

Okay I hate to jump in on this one but I gotta. I’ve had gyno since I was about 13. I’m 21 now. It’s definitely not going away any time soon. Can Femura get rid of teenage gyno as well?