Gyno Prevention Plan?

so what ive been reading is usually people wait to take any AI during cycle unless any signs of gyno start up (sore nipples etc…) so if this occurs how much do you take and then for how long? a week, couple weeks, until symptoms subside, or until the end of cycle ???i know you have to be carful so you dont bottom out your estrogen. I have novladex on hand will that get the job done?? i have not started my cycle yet just making sure i know what to do if any problems arise

Nolva isn’t an AI, it’s a SERM. It will block estrogen from binding in the breast (aka causing gyno) but it will not reduce the level of estrogen in your blood. Therefore, it will not remove the other symptoms of high E2 like water retention/bloating, high blood pressure, mood swings, etc.

You would need anastrozole (arimidex), exemestane (aromasin), or letrozole (femara) to manage all the sides that come with E2. Letro is hella strong, best to not even look at it unless asin and adex aren’t enough. You don’t mention your test dosage, but on 500mg a week a “typical” dosage might be 0.5mg of adex 2x a week or 12.5mg of asin 2x a week. Some people need zero AI on 500mg/week test, some need AI on 100mg/week test. In general, once you start taking it you take it through the cycle. If your E2 is high enough to need AI, then taking it for a week will only lower it for a week or so, you see?

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im planning on taking
350 test e
week 1-7 test E 300mg
week 8-12- test E 300mg with 25-30mg turinabol

pre PCT:

Week 13-15 HCG 750iu a week wit 25mg tbol

PCT:weeks 16-21 40/30/20/20/10 nova

Ok so only throw in adex if bloating and sore nipples happen at the dosing you explained i wouldnt have to worry about draining estrogen levels.

You may not need any AI. 300mg/week is kind of “no-man’s land” for AI. Some will need it, some won’t. I’d start really low if I were you, maybe 6.25mg asin 2x a week or 0.25mg adex 2x a week.

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Your post is titled “gyno prevention plan” and you state that you have Nolvadex on hand.

So, 10mg Nolvadex a day throughout cycle Perfect insurance policy against gyno at the dose you’re running.

Yes, if by “the job” you mean gyno prevention. It will not reverse gyno or combat the myriad other symptoms of high E2.

SERMS (such as Nolvadex) are a proactive, preventive measure against gyno. AIs help combat ALL high E2 sides, not just gyno.

If you aren’t wanting to gamble and want to proactively prevent gyno, run Nolvadex from day 1.

If you start having multiple E2 sides (unlikely on 300mg Test), then start with the small doses of AI already described in this thread.

If you start to develop gyno, you need a one-time big dose of Adex (1mg) to knock that E2 down quickly. Nolvadex will only temporarily block E2 at the breast tissue. You’ll still have tons of E2 floating around in your system. The last thing you want is to have a gyno flare up and still have tons of E2 floating around in you, hoping that your SERM blocks it.

I’m personally very prone to gyno and have used this emergency 1mg dose many times to successfully get it quickly under control. Within hours, itching, burning, swelling, and soreness are gone.

Again, on 300mg Test, you likely won’t need either Nolvadex or an AI. Take Nolvadex from day 1 if you want the insurance policy. Have an AI on hand if high E2 starts bothering you. Take 1mg AI for damage control if gyno shows up.

This guy is also pretty lean. I doubt he needs anything at all. I have more body fat than OP (not the only factor, I know), but 600 mg/wk gives me no issues.

I am willing to bet at 300 mg/wk at OP’s leanness that he will feel awesome all the way through with no AI or Nolva. If gyno starts popping up, then using a bit of AI or Nolva should be used (I like your suggestions). If I was betting on it, I would think OP has a 90%+ chance of not needing it.

It actually will reverse gyno.

Didn’t know he was pretty lean. Agreed then. A very lean guy on 300Test will likely not need any AI or SERM.

He has another thread in pharma with pictures. I think he is legit 10%, maybe a tad lower.

Didn’t know this man. How does it? Not being a smart ass. Genuinely curious because when I ran a couple Dbol cycles way back in the day, I ran Nolvadex the whole cycle and PCT and still have a very small bit of gyno from it to this day.

I wish it did for me. I got gyno as a young teen because I was fat (I was fat when I was 9-13, I am 33 now). I ran a month of 20 mg Nolvadex a day and it did nothing for me. There was no measurable difference.

I am not arguing against your statement other than to say (just like pretty much everything else) your independent experience will vary.

Me neither man. I ran two Dbol cycles in my mid twenties and pyramided the Nolvadex dose right along with the Dbol dose and I still have some mild gyno to show for it.

But, as I said above, I aromitize like a mofo. And, I was pretty fat back then. And, I didn’t know enough my body, and about AAS, back then to avoid Dbol, have an AI for emergencies, etc.

I think certain people have more sensitive breast tissue. My E2 was 72 pp/mL on my last blood work during cruise. I had a total T of 1223 ng/dL. This was on 200 mg/wk. The last blast I did was with the same test at 600 mg/wk, and no nipple issues at all not even sore or itchy. E2 was likely about 200 pg/mL.

I guess I don’t think the only driver behind gyno is how much E2 someone converts. I think it is a factor, but I think breast tissue sensitivity to E2 plays a large role.

There may be something at play with androgens being able to bind to breast tissue as well. I think Mast can do this (or at least I have heard). If those androgens are high enough it can prevent gyno from occurring even if E2 is very high (as they have very few spots to bind).

There are studies that it can shrink it but primarily stops/slows growth. I’m sure @lordgains would know better. I’m in a cut, just ordered tamoxifen based on the studies I saw. Hard to tell if it’s stubborn fat or gyno so I figured it wasn’t going to hurt to take it during a cut.

Since ppl have varying amounts of AR, and different levels of sensitivity, then ER would be the same? Some guys have more ER in breast tissue or maybe just more sensitive?

If I look at my e2 reading my gyno grows a little lol. Even after surgery what’s left is very sensitive to e2 fluctuations. A tiny amount of Nolva weekly holds it at bay

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Yup, me too.

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I was unclear. The probability of 20 year old gyno to reverse is very low. It happens in about 20% of cases on Ralox if I remember correctly. But newly formed gyno will reverse consistently under SERM therapy. Otherwise we wouldn’t advise to wait until something forms if it couldn’t be reversed. Studies show this time and time again.

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So ive been reading articles on adex and how to run it through cycle to keep estrogen levels at bay or at “sweet spot” and since im running a milder cycle iam going with adex 0.25 twice a week starting a week 2 so i can make sure my estrogen is building to avoid taking to early and crashing my estrogen, so my only question is would i stop taking before my PCT or…??

Start without any. Gyno doesn’t happen overnight. If you start feeling symptoms go with your stated dosages.

If you start with it right off the bat and have issues, then you have to contend with figuring out if it is too low or too high. I know an individual that mixed low and high up, and brought his e2 to undetectable.

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