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Gyno Post-Cycle After Taking PCT

About a week after finishing my PCT I started getting a lump underneath my left nipple. I was scared it was gyno but didn’t react immediately since it was very small and I was unsure. A week later the bump grew a lot and I knew it was definitely gyno, so I started taking Nolva again at my PCT dose of 2 pills (way to much, I know that now). I had no problems on cycle and think it’s an estrogen rebound after the Nolvadex PCT. I have been drinking 34mg Nolvadex for about 2 weeks now and the bump is not getting smaller. I don’t know what to do now and if I should continue the Nolva or if I should use something else. I am getting pretty worried now.

More info about my cycle: I finished a test prop (1mg EOD) and winstrol (30mg per day) 4 week cycle on November 17th '20. After that I took Nolvadex from HD Labs as a PCT for 21 days, taking 3 pills on day one, then 2 per day for 10 days, then 1 per day for 10 days. I realise now that the dosage might have been too strong but my knowledge for nolva dosing was little and I got the dosages from a forum.

What are the steps I can take now before it gets even worse?

Ok for starters your claimed dosages are all over the place from # if pills to erroneous 1mg of prop etc etc. Gyno flare ups can happen with changing hormones. If you’re no longer on drugs I would wait it out a bit. Mine has flared up in the past and shrunk back down to nothing. That or start with 10-20mg Nolva a day for another month.

Are you sure your product is real?

Sorry about the dosages. I meant 1ml of prop (100mg/ml) EOD. Also the Nolvadex # of pills, they were 34.5mg (HD Labs) per pill. How long would you recommend to wait it out? I got another pack of Nolva yesterday, but the guy who sold it to me recommended Letrozole. Should I first try the Nolva for a month? Would it be too late to try the Letro after a month if the Nolva doesn’t help?

I can’t be sure, but me and my buddy got the same gear from the same guy and he did not have any issues. He still had Nolva left that he doesn;'t need so I got that from him now, will try using it.

Letrozole is like a nuclear option. It will wipe out your E2. I don’t know how bad we are talking here but I’ve had hard lumps slightly larger than a pea. Very sensative and painful. They all resolved 4-6 weeks after resuming normal TRT / hormones.