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Gyno Possible Without Any Other Estrogenic Side?


Hello guys,

Situation: you are on a test only cycle (AI on hand)

Question: is it possible to develope gyno when you don't show any other of the typical estrogenic effects like oily skin, bloat, acne (not a single pimple), ...?

Thank you for your time.


Yes. Is this happening to you?



I took the Adex since day one at 0,25mg EOD (as recommended by the stickies). The nipples don't hurt or itch, but when I flex the pecs, I have this puffy nipple hanging underneath.

Maybe it's just pseudo gyno and I'm worried about nothing.

When I do a deep feel of the nipple I can like feel the muscle fibers underneath.


Arimidex could be fake and be doing nothing, it might not work for you as well as for others, you might have existing gyno that gets exacerbated easily


could just be fat/water. is this unusual for that to be the case? is it new?

if you're really worried, get some nolva.


Thx for the replies!

When I upped the dose to 0,5mg EOD I started getting typical sides like having a depressed, lethargic feeling, lower libido, popping sounds in joints, etc.

I have Nolva for my PCT (40/20/20/20) but they are dosed at 10mg each. This means I have 30 tablets of 10mg to spare during the cycle.

What's your opinion on estrogen rebound with Nolva? I read many contradicting opinions...


You mean after discontinuing use of Nolva? Never experienced any, especially while running an AI.