Gyno Possible with In-Range E2?

I have a thread which I usually post in but I thought as this might be a slightly more urgent query and doing it in my other thread may get missed.

Is it possible to get gyno with E2 levels that are in range?

I have been on TRT for 2 weeks now 100mg test-c 2x a week. No AI, as of yet. Just before my fourth injection (first IM there after SQ), fourth injection was to be on thursday morning. Wednesday night my nipples started to feel a weird itchy sensation, they werent painful, I wouldnt say they were sensitive, possibly a little puffy?? no lumps, then on Thursday I injected 100mg test-c and later that night it changed from just an itch to a burning sensation, not like a hot flush burn though.

I freaked out a little bit and took 1x20mg Nolva tablet on Thursday night.

The sensation was decreased Friday morning when I woke up, but the area still feels weird, I cant think of another way to describe it.

I had bloods taken Thursday morning BEFORE injecting my 4th injection.

TT- 44.2nmol/l (11.0-40.0)
SHBG 29nmol/l (11-70)
FT 1302pmol/l (260-740)
E2 118pmol/l (55-165) I believe this is 31pg/mL

My bloods before going on TRT

LH 2 (<9)
FSH 2 (<10)
-TT 17.7nmol (11-40nmol)
-FT 363 pmol (260-740)
-E2 56pmol (55-165)
-Prolactin 172 mIU/L (<500)

Shbg 38nmol (10.0-70.0)
-PSA 0.92 (0.2-2.1)

TSH 1.0 (0.3-3.5)mlU/L

ft3 4.2 (2.6-6pmol)

Ft4 11.6 (9-19pmol)

Rt3 261pmol (140-540)

Basically Im freaking out a bit that I might be getting gyno, but I dont understand why I would be when my E2 isnt really high.

I have posted this in Pharma too

Thought I would add I’ve got an appointment to see my doc on Monday.

I’m looking for advice on what to do until then?

Keep taking nolva, stop nolva, keep injecting or stop my injections etc?

Also to make the time line more clear.

Sunday- inject 100mg
Wednesday feel a weird itchy skin crawly sensation in the afternoon.
Thursday - am bloods, inject 100mg, nolva late that night.
Friday - most itch gone but still some skin crawly type sensation, maybe some slight burny sensation. 1 nolva, 20mg.

Due to inject 100mg on Sunday. Am thinking of dropping to 75 or 50mg.