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Gyno Popping Up from a Cycle in 2019

Hey guys, I did a pretty heavy cycle back In 2019, consisting of test Tren and winny, ran it for 12 weeks and did a PCT afterwards with Nolva and clomid. I noticed signs of gyno in my right breast halfway through the cycle but after taking arimidex it significantly reduced in size pretty quick, but there was always a tiny hard lump under my nipple that never went away. Anyways I haven’t cycled since then, but noticed it flared up a lot this past summer, growing to be even larger than the lump was while I was on cycle. I went to a doctor and had a couple ultrasounds and they obviously said it was gyno and said I shouldn’t bother with surgery but that there is no way to reduce it. Does anyone have any experience with reducing the lump after it’s grown back?

There’s one drug that’s good at reversing it. I can’t remember the name though. I have a guess but I’d rather not say. You could try googling it.

Did you run bloods to make sure you’re body is back up and running properly? Some people struggle to pct on tren and a lot seem to recommend it for only the blast and cruise guys. No real experience on that though.

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I can’t imagine how a cycle 2 years ago is affecting you now. Did you happen to gain a bunch of weight (fat)?

Raloxifene and nolvadex are both good for reversing gyno

No I actually lost even more fat after coming off, I got down to ~9-10% about a year after the cycle and haven’t put on much more fat since then, still under 13-14% bf.

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I didn’t get bloods done after, I tried to at a clinic near me but they wouldn’t do it without a doctors requisition form. I’m in the process of finding a new doctor now as I had a hell of a time getting a hold of my previous one throughout this Covid pandemic.


So from all the research I’ve done it seems pretty clear surgery is the only option, I have the contact info for a plastic surgeon that did my girlfriend’s implants, hoping I can’t get it done for under $6000, I’ll let you guys know what the quote is. For now I am taking 20mg of Nolvadex a day to see if it will reduce the size in a couple months. I’d love to get back on a cycle but am worried this damn lump will get bigger

Have you tried Letrozole? nothing wrong with Nolva but letro is known to be about as good as it gets for stopping/reversing gyno

I haven’t tried letro yet, I’ll look into that as well, from what I’ve read raloxifene sounds the most promising if I can get it.

Best decision I made was having the surgery done. $5500 10 years ago, I also went to my ex’s implant surgeon lol.

I tried Letro first, we both hated that (zero libido) and no real change. As for taking something to make it smaller before surgery, I’d go the opposite route. Let it grow as big as possible so when you get it cut out, there’s more glad to remove (if that makes sense). I’ve seen that strategy recommended by a few guys.

How long was the recovery? I made the mistake of watching a video of gyno surgery and now seeing what it actually looks like even makes me sick

I took two weeks off workouts, but I was back boxing after a week or so. Probably rushed it, but I really wasn’t in a lot of pain, aside from the first night home. I wish I could have watched it, some docs us a local and you stay awake, but my guy knocked me out

Just an update on how I’m doing and if anyone has any insight on how to help… my doctor has been out of office for months and I’m having a hell of a time getting a new family dr to get blood tests and etc. so I am kind of fending for myself at the moment.

I have been taking Cabergoline .5mgs every couple days for about a week and the puffiness has shrunk significantly, the 2 hard lumps under the nipple are still there but not as sensitive and have slightly reduced in size. I did try Nolva at 10mgs a day for a few weeks but didn’t notice any real changes, so I’m wondering if I just had a prolactin buildup this whole time. Obviously I’ll never know for sure until I get my blood tests, but finding an available doctor is a real bitch right now in my area.

If your dr won’t order tests, you can pay out of pocket to get them done here

Plenty of other options if you’d rather search them out yourself.

Can’t help much with your situation, but this might help if you really want to know. Thanks for posting the update!

I’ve been using Nolva 10mgs a day for almost a month now and the puffiness has gone away but the 2 hard lumps are still there beneath the one nipple and are sensitive, I do feel way more energetic and am having way better workouts and muscle pumps, almost feels like I’m on a small amount of test again which is cool, but leads me to believe I had high estrogen for a long time. I’m looking to start a cycle again in the future but want to get this gyno sorted out first, I have Raloxifene on the way this week so I’ll give that a shot and post an update.

The gyms in my province have been shut down again starting tmo thanks to corona unfortunatel so no rush to get back on gear.

makes sense right? SERMs raise TT and e2, that’s why you take them during a PCT. Your e2 was likely on the higher side, maybe PRL too, or maybe TT was just really low to start with. Either way, your e2 is prolly on the higher side now as well.

Nolva is good at shrinking the gyno, but I’ve never gotten it to completely go away using it.

Between the Nolva and Raloxifene I was able to bring the size of it down a remarkable amount but the hard bumps still cause it to slightly protrude. I found I was getting super lethargic and tired all day from crashing my estrogen with the drugs so I’ve stopped using them for now, finally got a hold of a dr to make an appointment for some blood work in a few weeks as well and an appointment with a plastic surgeon to discuss surgery so this should yield me better results.