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Gyno Out of Nowhere, 2 Months After PCT

I’ve ran 500mg test E 12 weeks and finished it off with 30mg dbol last 3weeks. ran 40/40/20/20 nolva PCT and it has been a month since the pct ended and never had the slightest estrogen issues whatsoever. barely bloated
it has been 2 months since the pct ended and my left nipple suddenly sore to touch and a little meat bump/lump under the surface which is the part that hurts instead of the skin which doesn’t hurt or even itch and never itched or has even been sensitive.
is this gyno or some under the skin zit ?
also there’s NOTHING going on with the right nipple


assuming this IS gyno would one need nolva? is there even a possibility of gyno forming in a day without you noticing some sort of itch starting few days prior to it?
my theory is that it appeared because I’ve been not working out and eating a lot of sweets while fighting with my girlfriend a lot (really stressful).

of course I’m not here for a professional opinion but rather similiar personal experiences, if there are any

Get a blood test to see how your test and E2 levels are.