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Gyno or Pseudogyno?


No tenderness when I flex pec I dont feel a lump.

Looks just fat to me…
When i went full piggy, nips sometimes seemed simmilar to these also… Lost fat, lost the problem.
You have tons of bodyfat so doing blasts is not smart as high bodyfat + high e2 on steroids will just make it all look even worse.

Yes I agree, not on hormones currently just wanted to make sure, I do believe it is fat aswell thank you for the response. I will continue to BURN the fat haha (:stuck_out_tongue:

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what would your bf guess be? im thinking low 20s maybe?

Super hard to guess, because you have simmilar fat distribution to mine - small arms, fat mid-section… So arms would be lean, mid would be very fat. Truth is somewhere in between, lol.

This is the only pic i have of my actual fatness… Id say im around 20%… Abs showing cuz i have more meat in general, so yea… if im around 20, you could be 20-25%…

p.s - in this pic you can also see that fat-nipple thing i mentioned - also looks a bit puffy, but its not gyno, i am not prone to it at all, i never had anything close to it… just fat tits sometimes :smiley:

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gyno will hurt to the touch, so if you don’t feel a lump or it doesn’t hurt then it likely isn’t gyno.

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This. And I’ll add, if you experience any burning that lasts more than a few (3-4) days, watch it. If it persists for more than a week, take a step back, get some labs done, and reconsider things.

The fact that you don’t feel any pain or lumps when you flex pecs and feel around makes me 99% sure you don’t have gyno. Lose the fat and you’ll be shocked at how much better your chest will look.

Thank you I appreciate your response, I was worried for nothing I will definitely watch for burning in my future plans. Good info to have! Cheers

Yep no pain, we’re good. Thank you for the info and response!

191 and nipples gone almost

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Super-Awesome transformation, man :muscle:t3:

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Just tryna get to tank status!! Thanks brother appreciate the inspiring words thank you very much, we just getting started :pray:

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